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Getting Discord PMs.. re: "why did you quit?"


thats how im feeling moving on from tos



dab again

checks out with a camera in my face :wink: well played.


SO what does other ex-noble members think about this…your ex-guild master says you are milking him

Stego is your fking brother, please don’t pretend this was a legitimate discussion with the guild


Ill leave u with a homework :wink: let u figure it out, i have already addressed what I can given the circumstances with my ex-members a week ago. For the most part I felt respected by my members and most were missing my leadership.

It was more of the outsiders interested in the matter if anything.

Looks like this thread is being blocked / censored / deleted by forums mods. so I will go ahead and end this thread. much of my content is asking to be deleted or edited. So i gave my final courtesy as forums mods have requested.



Since this thread has gotten a little out of hand, I will now be closing it. If you wish to continue discussing the matter, please do so in private.


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