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Getting Discord PMs.. re: "why did you quit?"

I get Discord messages asking what happened, why I am quitting the game, what happened to the guild, etc etc.
Oddly enough there seem to be people interested in other people’s business…
so here are a few “FAQ” type questions to summarize, and provide my answers here instead of answering individually.

  1. Why did u quit?
    Simply: lost interest in the game.
    I was not having fun with lack of content / slow release of contents.
    There were series of events that led me to losing patience for the game:
    unprofessional IMC services when I had inquired about recovery of a 150mil worth item that was lost in an instant due to my mistake and lack of safety checks in the game mechanics, and eventually when ET bug, Server instability, etc occurred early July, I had decided it was time for me to quit.

  2. Why not wait for next big patch?
    I found this was good time for me to quit, as I had friends moving into a new game for me to start with.
    Also, I wanted to sell off my items, so I cannot wait until the game completely dies and no buyers left in the game hmmm… I’ll just leave it at that lol

  3. Did you sell all your items? and how much did you make?
    I had over 1.2-billion silver worth of items. I sold about 95% of it, and wrapping up the last bit.
    uhh won’t specify the amount but I made more than enough to get money back buying TP… and more lol I think this eased my quitting process by adding financial incentive to not look back.

  4. Did you sell the guild?
    No. the leadership was passed onto a member who the ex-leaders deemed most suitable to take on the ownership of the guild. Details will be omitted as it has already been shared within the guild.

  5. Are you coming back to the game when rank 9 is released?
    No, I have cleaned up my account, and will not be looking back to TOS.

  6. What game are you playing now?

I think that touched most common themes I have been getting.
I hope this will decrease random messages/friend requests I get on Discord cause I feel bad for ignoring messages , or provide careless answers.

My question is:

And your answer:

Sorry I was just passing by and took the chance for a small joke.

I’m in the same boat, as someone who is coming since the hype of the first iCBT in 2015, this game show me lots of potential, but we got the short end of the stick with this developer, ruined the project to an almost unrecoverable state.

I’m playing Albion Online now, I would love to go back to FFXIV but that monthly fee for me is almost a stab in my back since in my country the dollar worth 3x more our own currency (so much for globalization lol).

Good luck on your new travels.


Yea I am only one player in TOS that simply wanted to enjoy the game, but I am little annoyed at the “rumors” and msgs I get on Discord after I quit.
I am not famous, and I don’t like the attention.

Good luck to you as well, Albion indeed appeared interesting but given its a new game I didn’t want to jump in during early phases and end up disappointed again lol
FFXIV is proven RPG that I don’t mind paying for such polished game and great servers (so far I have not come across any issues, and I am now starting the Expansion contents of the game) - also very surprised how good the community is in FF.

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IMC isn’t developer, it’s a publisher.

In my opinion it’s not only IMC that ruined this game, but rather original Ragnarok developer/team who developed ToS.
I’ve explored entire game world, played for over 500 hours, made multiple max levels, and this is what I came up with:

  1. Game has many great maps, but sadly 90% of them are “unused” because no one plays in them.

  2. Whole world map arrangement and quests system was a failure. Who the hell needs 2 starting cities and multiple low level areas when leveling is so easy?

  3. Game feels unbalanced even after balancing patch

  4. Many skills have terrible hit boxes making it difficult to play with them. Hopefully the upcoming patch will fix this.

  5. Lack of content. It takes a day to hit max level (with boosters, reset voucher, etc) or a week without them. After that there isn’t much to do in game rather than boring daily saalus grind or orange weapon material grind in lvl 300+ zones.

  6. Very repetitive gameplay: Level up, make new char, repeat.

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Albion is focused on PvP, I think I won’t be able to enjoy it too much tbh, except if I only play it to make money farming lol.

FFXIV gave me so much fun, but the sub is what took me out of it, well in fact was my country’s currency losing its valor compared to the dollar, I wouldn’t mind keep paying a sub in there but it’s pretty salty for me now.

You should get your info better before posting, IMC IS the developer, we don’t have publisher on west, Nexon KR/JP is the publisher on their respective regions.

Not sure what are you smoking there man, the very same team you speak of is IMC employers, not freeloaders in IMC’s officers.


Just to add something I missed there, IMC IS the developer and publisher in our version.


I have clocked 3600+hours on TOS, no afk farming, I have played most of these hours actively.

and I agree with largely what you say and they are true, but once you start interacting with the Support team, Dev team you see the core problem of this game roots from there and you lose all patience.

IMC is the developer btw, same developer company as Ragnarok - owner is the same. Nexon is the publisher in Kr/Jp.
IMC decided to take the game themselves and publish it on Steam.

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Holy sh… Just checked, you’re actually right. I don’t freaking get it how KR/JP gets updates sooner than we do then? WTF this doesn’t make sense at all because it’s usually opposite:
Update: 1. Developer >>> 2. Publisher

What the actual f…

Now really I’ve been playing for few months I thought the dev was korean company. I just don’t get it, this completely makes no sense because from what I’ve seen first is released all stuff in korean language, and IMC only posts cheaply edited images of kToS images.

Now I’ve lost it there… it really makes no sense to me. Do they get paid by Nexon to release these updates later for us?

haha grasshopper good, u got it.
Nexon bought IMC’s stocks by a lot so they have a lot of say in how things are ran.
Nexon instructs what the next developer priorities are, what contents are pushed for.
You see the pattern? TP shop >>> playable contents.
Also Koreans have access to Steam server, so would they want their 5k korean player base to buy Nexon-cash? or Steam-cash? Easy choice.

Lets zoom out:
If they had resources to up-keep only one server. Kr and Jp servers are under Nexon. Would you keep Steam servers open if it does not make you money? again, easy choice.
This is why I have been saying, iTOS will be lucky to have its servers up in 1year’s time.
Maybe SEA servers will be kept up and rest of the world play with latency.

Do I want to keep playing a game that will close any moment? No, I rather get my money selling items and get out when I can salvage anything.

They get faster updates and properly ones because of the contract they have.

If they mess up they will have to pay for loss in sales for the publisher, meanwhile we get screwed to no end here. lol

Last year after the 2nd CBT, they asked us if we would like to indicate a publisher, but most of us voted to IMC handle it, now we look back at that time and regret lol, Nexon would do good here, since they are using the same shitty model Nexon do on their games in west, timed crap and more.

Here is what IMC owns and how things are prioritized:

Stock distribution is roughly like this:

  1. 40% is owned by HanbitSoft (they invest in Granado Espada, another game by IMC).
  2. 30% by Mr. Kim and 30% by his vice president
  3. Nexon has bought’s stocks in the company (unknown amount but HanbitSoft remains the main owner of IMC).

HanbitSoft is also liquidating their 40% to another company, and sold about 12% last year - this company is interested in VR games. (Source:

Nexon made “strategic investment” to take TOS title for mobile gaming. (Source:

Now, if anyone has even tiny bit of a business mind, you will see that business-wise there is no long-term incentives to invest in PC-version of TOS within next couple of years.

(HanbitSoft has no interest in TOS and selling off their stocks, Nexon wants Mobile market from TOS, Mr.Kim and his board just want to keep investors happy, and follow HanbitSoft / Nexon recommendations. iTOS has no investors to back it up).

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It was my thoughts exactly when I first heard of that.

Freaking waste of a good project.

Well, I will just let things flow and see how far it will reach.

I’m playing what I find interesting for the moment till I find the next one to play.

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Holy f… this is ultimate money sink and a complete failure from my perspective. Doing such contracts makes turns this project into money milking. However this “money milking” is far from “money milking” I’ve seen MANY games doing much better job at milking money out of players/contracts/etc…
They also manage to keep up good work and satisfied community…

This is sad, the first time I saw ToS was on some mmo site, however I wasn’t interested in top-down camera mmos, just joined lately because I got my xbox controller and saw that “big” balancing patch.

Before it was released it looked something really promising and great for those diablo-style games lovers, but the game looks far from that, no matter is it Nexon kToS, jToS or IMC Steam ToS.

The worst issue for me is as I stated in previous post: unused maps, lack of content, imbalance.

its a PR / “early access” trailer for the mobile version of TOS.

I am unfortunately one of those players. :crying_cat_face: I’ve learned the lesson to not trust a Korean game publisher anymore, and IMC especially - also as a developer.

The start from iCBT1 was incredibly good and promising despite some issues (heck probably the best early access experience I’ve had) but overtime it seems they just can’t resist throwing sh~t into the gearbox.

We should have known better back then.

Maybe it’s just me - there’s that feeling when I login into the game every now and then because I kinda miss playing it but then once I’m in I ask myself “OK, what do I do now?”, eventually realizing there’s none. Our guild’s kinda dead (there are 2 or 3 who are online but just AFK), and there are more player shops than players running around in towns.

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Well, it might work for them in the Asiatic market, but not on ours, they could adapt to ours, but they don’t due to be more work, I feel that KR devs get lazy in that aspect for some unknown reason.

When I start to play an online game, I play for fun, not for labor, neither to reach an end that is mostly likely specific to single player games, heck, there should have some fun activities that lure in many players and incite them to work together to reach a goal, or others to incite their competitiveness.

Instead, we receive junk Cash Shop, restrictions and even baits to waste even more money to get a cosmetic item.

And look where it led us to? The situation is pretty grim in a business view point, as for gamers view point, most of us feel disappointed to expend some good times, for the most minimal it was, and even more after being asked for opinions and suggestions, just to fall in deaf ears, or in this case, in blind eyes.


Somewhy that feels doubtful. Have you seen Lost Ark and Lineage Eternal mmos? Those are currently new ones in Korea. Same style as ToS, just much better. Actually I’d like to play Lineage Eternal, but sadly I don’t understand korean stuff plus IP address issues.

Yeah I know both games, I’m waiting for them to come here, they look interesting, but I’m afraid they end up turning up like Devilian.

But Lineage has a good name, I believe it would have high playerbase if it launched in the west.

Thought I’d amend your answers a bit.

  1. I blew up my musket so I decided to quit.

  2. Because I blew up my musket and don’t wanna play anymore.

  3. Money om nom

  4. Yes, and members who used to be in Noble have literal proof of this from the current leader of Noble.

  5. Nope I blew up musket

  6. (Insert Popular Game Here)

It’s all a bummer really.


The guild was sold for money. Quit lying.