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Getting Discord PMs.. re: "why did you quit?"


Stop lying apex. This was a scam from start to finish. back then you recruited mostly new tos players, and these people brought out the market to level your ‘dream guild’, only the top donators ever got any mystical recipe. poor noobs who donated got nothing out of this. And because of your own dumb mistake you decide to sell everything off to move to another game - including your guild which others had worked so hard to level. Only you profited in the end. Asshat


nicely put, good job.

musket is 150mil, i have 1.2billion wealth, thick headed thinking that was sole reason i quit, it was combination of many things that snapped my patience and desire to play this game.


Yes let’s just dodge the evidence that you straight up sold the guild and basically screwed over the players who you so heavily encouraged to fully invest into the guild. Great job :slight_smile:


Everyone that donated more than 1% talt got their money’s worth through the Mystical recipes, why do you think i stopped farming for recipes after payout to two people right before i quit?
I calculated each practo at 15mil, and talt at 10k each.

Only people that lost out on the talt value was the top 2 donors (me and Ether)

No one has worked/invested even close to a fraction of how much work I put into the the guild :slight_smile: go ■■■■ yourself LOL if you are an outsider and want to learn about how to run a guild hit me up on Discord and we can voice chat, i will gladly dig ur logic inside out and spit it right back at you, i really wonder who you are - who is this “others” that worked so hard , more than me?


Only person that deserved the first chance to take leadership of Noble was Ether given the amount he had donated, and i had the discussion with Stego we decided.

Whether Ether bought or not, is up to you guys to discuss. Yes we did discuss whether he would pay me, etc for the talt I had donated to the guild.
I have no business in this to explain the comment made by Ether.

Also marm, u are not even playing this game, so just go play your game and stop pretending to be a keyboard warrior - you are adding nothing by coming here and whining lol. You quit TOS yourself like 3months ago, why care? you werent even part of the guild when all this happened.

ohh wait you didn’t even have guild chat access on discord when this happened lol that explains why yo u are so mis-informed.


Don’t be so butthurt or bring the issue back to point zero when I provided my answers to FAQs.

Members pushed me to return to game when I asked for time to regain interest, but that wasn’t an option any longer as people bugged me on daily basis, and harassing me to the point as if i “owe” them the mystical recipes? (when you already got your money’s worth OR MORE from the guild).
I had lost faith in my members, they were milking guild for mystical cubes at that point.

Then i found out about FF14 and decided i start the game with my gf, and couple of other friends that I used to play LoL with.

I was selfish and some ppl will be butthurt that they didnt get the guild handed to them, but i do hope some people see this was result of lack of content, poor server, poor customer services by TOS. Im happy to be a scape-goat for now for everyone to keep playing this game, and continue white-knight stance on this matter.


this post got blocked by imc forum mod, asked to be changed?
too lazy to make changes, i will simply delete it.

I will help imc to keep things under the cover. lucky for those people who saw the original post though lol


1 - 2 billion silver? are you sure? i dont even think thats possible lol. i nly cn even get to 3 million and im pretty sure most of the ppl in the game have barely every gotten past 100 mill, so 1 billion is like x10 more. if you arent lying, then please tell me your ways, i really do need help on getting silver to buy gear and stuff


yes 1200 million silver. (1.2billion) (and this is not including my 90%+ attributes in all skills on 2 characters)

oh its very possible haha there’s lots of rich people, also some rmt’ers, on the game you can take advantage of when there are economy shifts that happen after big patch, big bugs, big whatever lol

you wanna know the most recent “exploit” that I took advantage of?
Leticia cubes were bought by credit card frauders where they buy a ton of Leticia cubes. These users sold their Leticia drops for dirt price where I can literally double my silver. This is one example but things like this happen every 2-3 months at least. I have been taking advantage of these.

TOS economy is in a fking mess and if you know how to take advantage of it, you can have fun without risking yourself a ban. funny thing? IMC doesnt do anything about it.


well i didnt know that rmt is legal in this game.
so the guys named stego and noble’s former guild leader, alphapex was selling silver?
damn. no wonder those guys were selling their gears and ■■■■ like crazy.
and here i am who started to play tos 3 weeks ago kinda uhm… lost interest in the server…
-well noble guild is gone maybe? or not.
-sleepdeprived, got prick members and bullies new players <— yeah i had to put it out there. beware of their members.
guild named guild with afk farmers, which i personally dont mind. but some of them even have dual accounts to monopolize that map/spot. and who would have thought that the cryomancers skill icewall are being used to move other afkers. which i find funny.
-rennaisance guild which is i think the biggest guild in orsha atm.
-idk about the other small guilds but i liked the arks guild members. nice group of pips.
i know some random guilds but mostly speak portuguese:
-guerra santa
so i guess i picked a wrong server to play since im looking for a mmorpg experience. i guess il try klaipeda server.


you picked the wrong game


maybe you are right lol


got msg to have this post edited or taken down. done, deleted.


oh like the dpk exploit, i regret not participating in it, i thought i wouldve been banned if i did :confounded:


So lemme get the story straight since the latest developments are not quite the same as the original post.

1.) You screwed up and lost an item worth 150m, without fully disclosing why, but at least admit it was your own mistake
2.) You blame IMC anyway for said mistake for not safeguarding against the stupidity of someone who, by your own admission, spent 3000+ hours on this game
3.) The 150m was significant enough that, despite the fact that you admit to selling the rest of your account for 1.2B, have decided that that was enough to quit
4.) You then decide that you’re embarrassed enough about your 150m mistake to use it as an excuse to quit the game and sell your guild, all for what you claim is a profit
5.) Only upon being called out on discord for selling your guild do you then decide to make a thread wherein you attempt to justify quitting and claiming that you did not actually sell your guild when
6.) You then admit to actually selling your guild because some ■■■■■■■ got a screenshot from the guy who bought it from you

Quality drama, quality character development. Better than my Chinese cartoons.

edit: And I’m sure you’ll be back when you realize that FF14 isn’t a game you can “profit” off of, since you claim that that’s a source of “fun” for you.


guild named guild with afk farmers, which i personally dont mind. but some of them even have dual accounts to monopolize that map/spot

I know you are drinkersclub and you really should stop spreading this slander. There is only 1 person with 2 necros in guild and thats me. Nobody else.

portuguese + afk necro problems

The biggest giveaway above

And i’d like to get it straight that you were the one that ice walled me not the other way around. I will not move or bother anybody else unless they choose to bother me