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Get rid of Wugushi skill range limitation

Wugushi skills all have a range limitation of 200 before the debuff gets removed from enemies. But can i ask why? None of the other DoTs in the game have this limitation, so why should wugushi have a completely arbitrary limitation that only serves to mess with our gameplay?
200 range is not very far, and its quite easy to leave a group of mobs behind, or distance yourself from the boss for mechanics and see your freshly applied Jincan gu dissapear instantly.

If this is supposed to be a limitation for PvP, then keep it for PvP only. Theres no reason Wugushi players have to be inconvenienced by an arbitrary low range limitation while playing a cough ranged character.
Bokor having 30 seconds DoTs in PvP though? No problemo, just keep it for wugushi hehe :tired:


200 is VERY short. It’s just under the horizontal range of the game window. I agree.
Please remove this, or set it to 400-500 instead.
You get slapped one time while Gazing is down by one of the 30 billion bosses that can launch you into orbit, and you wind up losing a lot of damage.


Bump cause limiting a ranged class to almost melee is stupid.

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Easy solution: Remove the range restriction

IMC solution: Now all dots and tiles in the game have a range limitation to fall in line with wugushi :tired:

ᶦᵐᶜ ᵖˡᵉᵃˢᵉ ᵈᵒⁿᵗ ʳᵉᵃᵈ ᵗʰᶦˢ


i hope they fix it with new wugu vvr

I would actually cry if wugushi vaivora did that. Surely they cant design a vaivora that just allows you to play your class without arbitrary limitations they invented for unknown reasons.

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joke plot twist: vaivora wugushi is a shield

creating problems just to sell solutions :haha:

Vaivora Shield - Cursed Content
Decreases the range of Wugushi poisons by 199 distance and doubles the cooldown.
Quadruples the tick speed of all Wugushi skills. Also adds many special effects.
Has a .01% chance everytime you hit something to randomly launch you across the room

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at pvp, if you die you can make everyone at 200 distance VGA error

hmm, rather than stupid I don’t like the way ranged classes are balanced. It was way better back in the early days when ranged damage was reduced depending on how far you were away from the target.
IMCs monster behaviour just isn’t suited for ranged classes and rather unbalanced since they deal the same or more damage than melee classes while being in less danger of getting damaged (+ Archers have Leap with a really low Cool down).

In my opinion, being out of the reach of monsters should reduce the damage they take from missile type sources (pistol, bow, crossbow, cannon, musket) and magic, so players can play it safe staying away dealing less damage, or take the same risk as melee classes and deal full damage.