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Get rid of Wugushi skill range limitation

Wugushi skills all have a range limitation of 200 before the debuff gets removed from enemies. But can i ask why? None of the other DoTs in the game have this limitation, so why should wugushi have a completely arbitrary limitation that only serves to mess with our gameplay?
200 range is not very far, and its quite easy to leave a group of mobs behind, or distance yourself from the boss for mechanics and see your freshly applied Jincan gu dissapear instantly.

If this is supposed to be a limitation for PvP, then keep it for PvP only. Theres no reason Wugushi players have to be inconvenienced by an arbitrary low range limitation while playing a cough ranged character.
Bokor having 30 seconds DoTs in PvP though? No problemo, just keep it for wugushi hehe :tired:


200 is VERY short. It’s just under the horizontal range of the game window. I agree.
Please remove this, or set it to 400-500 instead.
You get slapped one time while Gazing is down by one of the 30 billion bosses that can launch you into orbit, and you wind up losing a lot of damage.