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The 160K from each CM run goes to repair my gear afterward. :expressionless: Plus, the things you are suggesting we sell, we actually needed for gear progression. This situation really shouldn’t exist. I’ve never played a game where you couldn’t just earn the base currency through casual gameplay - at least enough to cover your everyday expenses. It you are trying to make a big purchase, then you just grind and save up. This is a fundamental aspect of any video game experience. Can you win video games then practice space bar counter.

are you really that desperate to beg imc to revert the old silver income by making multiple forum accounts and buzzing the same crap you bum??

the fact they create gabija coin is to make another currency that is not tradable and tackle channeling silver. with gabija the cm worth around 2m per run and like you already learned from another post, if you have brain installed, repair kit is available from many sources.

if actually imc revert the reward those channeling, afker, botter is ready to rocks. the only benefit the game will have is having influx of fake players in steam chart.

for begging so desperately most likely you are one of them lmao


Personally, I just use my own repair shop to repair my gear. The money comes back to me, along with anything earned through repairing the gear of other players. Even with 300k+ repair costs, this is pretty sustainable considering I make over 500k+ silver through doing at least 1 Challenge Mode and Division Singularity run per day.

You are also not the first person to be seemingly unaware of repair kits that can be be purchased using

Also, if I may ask, what exactly is happening in your Challenge Mode runs that you have to repair after them every time you clear them? I can understand weapons needing repair if it’s a multiple low cd skills/basic attack build, but if you repair only your weapons, I can’t really see repair costs being such a big deal. You’d probably need some really powerful weapons to warrant a high repair cost, and if that were the case, you’d probably be able to get more silver from Division Singularity.

If you’re trying to tackle all the game’s content on just 1 character, I can understand the costs racking up, but even then, as was previously mentioned, you can buy Urgent Repair Kits for a mere 40 Goddess Tokens. You can easily stock up on these if you can actually clear Challenge Mode. In fact, you don’t even need to be able to. After killing roughly 100 regular mobs, you’d easily have enough for 1 of the Repair Kits.

Avoid taking damage, only repair when you really need to, and durability shouldn’t be a problem for you in Tree of Savior.

This guy either just a troll or buzzer to beg old silver amount back
You can clearly see his post is basically just copy paste of another post in forum and his main post more like a reply than a beginning of a post
You shouldn’t even bother reply this whiny brat

And regarding gears durability I personally think gear durability in tos is somewhat obsolete and kinda not fully serve it’s purpose when field hunt is dead and that latest hg is timed (unless you got smacked so bad inside or dying a lot) and most instance not necessarily need top maxed durability either.

So I don’t see why gear durability must be a thing in tos except just to keep a gimmicky treat most mmorpg have.

If they can eliminate potential system from goddess gears I don’t see why they cant do this one as well

Or its a bot? copying a post and adding some suspicious link at the end?

Yo, I don’t know what’s up with that other post… but that isn’t an alternate account.
I didn’t make the second one.
Why someone would copy my post… no clue…Very strange.

Also, I’m a returning player and I wasn’t aware of the repair tickets from the Gabija shop at the time I wrote that originally. As you have stated, it was brought to my attention and subsequently helped to alleviate the issue. However, from the perspective of someone new to the game you have to realize it is a very unorthodox system that isn’t exactly intuitive and you can’t expect people to just know the game’s history of botters / silver merchants when they start playing.

I can delete my original comment if that would make you feel better, but unfortunately, I can’t do anything about that other account.

I don’t know what’s up with this other account copying my comment from a while back, but I appreciate your feedback nonetheless. I’ve since figured things out and it isn’t really a problem anymore. The need for repairs wasn’t just from doing the Challenge Mode, but that was really the only source of silver that I had coming in at the time. Even the equip drops I was getting were only unidentified with random stats, so not only could I not sell, it was costing money to disassemble. Basically, my expenses were more than my incoming revenue.
I’ve got multiple characters, from when I played originally, but when I returned I did the 460 jump on a new character and had the free Goddess set from the event. So the character had expensive gear to repair, but I didn’t have all of the ichors, enhancements, etc. sorted out - plus no proper accessories, low attribute points, and so on. Even though I was high enough level for the content I was trying to do, there were other areas that were undeveloped due to the artificial character growth. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I was taking a Leeroy Jenkins approach, but I was really still in the process of just getting accustomed to how the character played. There were a number of factors at play, but ultimately I got everything squared away.

A buzzer?

i dont know man…but since goddess patch i dont feel the need of silver at all except for extra expenses like costumes, skins etc.
Gabija shop has everything…repair kits, magnifiers, attribute points etc.
i even leveled my crown from lvl1 to lvl8 with just enhancement vouchers from gabija shop.
Also IMC is spoonfeeding us so many free stuff from events.

I dont get why people still living in the past when silver is nothing but just an extra earning for extra expense.


Reason: RMT.
With lower silver income it’s harder to reach quota like 100m per week or more, at least not with the usual lazy way with just farming cm/singu across accounts and funneling it.

The other reason would be buying premium stuff from market because some p2w still put the price tag of items from months ago. The other day I log in people post 700m pets, who f2p wouldve buy that honestly, only option are it’s only among whale who already rich from farming months ago, among p2w, or among RMTer that the price would make sense.

About this guy thread, if this is really isn’t the same guy, that only meant he didn’t learn a thing for 2 months on dealing with in game daily expenses lmao

Lastly, agree with durability being obsolete much like potential.

I think alotta older returning player miss that most stuff you need you buy in Gabija/Merc shop, for stuff that hasn’t been updated yet though like Guild buffs, Market stuff it’s a little rough maybe IMC could add a option to exchange Gabija for silver or something

For merc badge it’s possible, only there is merc badge limit. For silver? That would be dumb. That would screw their main goal to fight against funnelling or RMTer. There’s reason why we can buy gabija with silver but not the other way, because gabija is account-lock and silver is tradable in a way. If they revert silver rewards or make gabija tradable to silver, imc being typical imc lmao.