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[Renewed] Early/Efficient Silver Guide - 100m-200m Silvers a Month!

Update: PRICE is various between all servers. This is Klaipeda’s Market price!


Update #2:

There is another map right next to Fedimian City, and it’s called Starving Demon’s Way. This map drops a ton of equipment loots that you can sell for guarantee silvers 45k-100k+ per run! This map doesn’t drop skill gem, but it’s a great option for more silvers!


Note: I am aware that this method required a lot of alt characters to make it happen, but you can still utilize this method to obtain sierra/nucle + raw silvers for yourself. Having multiple characters will make your life much better!

This guide help you avoid a few things:

  • Less stress gaming experiences
  • Easy-going silver acquisition
  • No more high-level character requirements
  • Trade-able Currency
  • Fast leveling method


:white_check_mark: All Calculation (30 Character/Daily) :white_check_mark:
450 Nucle x (110 each) = 49,500
450 Sierra x (330 each) = 148,500
148,500 + 49,500 = 198,00 | 178,200 after 10% TAX!

198,000 x 30 characters = 5,940,000 x 31 days = 184,140,000 silvers a month

45,000 Raw silvers (Sold Opal/Recipes/Equipment) per character x 30 Chars = 1,350,000
1,350,000 x 31 days = 41,850,000 Free Silvers

Challenge Mode Portal Scroll = 59,000 - 95,000 each
Trade-able with Bless Shards, Raid Portal Recipe, and Opal/etc.
+1 Character slot cost 33 TP (Optional for player who want more character!)

Low-level Challenge Requirements:

  • Level 100 character
  • 4x (2 stars and above Tantalizer + Level 300 and above!)
  • Any classes/character with level 40 Wing of Vaivora Equipment
  • Challenge Mode Portal Scrolls
  • Time and patient!

➤ Incomplete Silver Guide:
:white_check_mark: Video Timestamp :white_check_mark:
➤ 0:00 Introduction
➤ 2:01 Low-Level Challenge Mode
➤ 2:56 Leveling Guide (1-100)
➤ 3:47 Silver Guide (Trading)
➤ 4:07 Item’s Values
➤ 5:01 21 Days of Farming Result
➤ 5:15 Raw Silvers (Equipment, Opal, and Recipes)
➤ 5:42 Which Map Should You Farm?
➤ 6:22 Daily Farm Breakdown

Title: Early/Efficient Silver Guide - 100m-200m Silvers a Month!
Server: Klaipeda
Team Name: Tsugami


The 160K from each CM run goes to repair my gear afterward. :expressionless: Plus, the things you are suggesting we sell, we actually needed for gear progression. This situation really shouldn’t exist. I’ve never played a game where you couldn’t just earn the base currency through casual gameplay - at least enough to cover your everyday expenses. It you are trying to make a big purchase, then you just grind and save up. This is a fundamental aspect of any video game experience.

I know you’ve put a lot of work into getting all of these calculations together (it’s truly appreciated), but I think you are working too hard to deal with the mess that IMC created. If their solution creates more problems than it solves - it isn’t actually a solution and they need to run it back and try something else. Again, thanks for all of your efforts. This gives us some options in the meantime, but this goes beyond what a player should be expected to deal with. Hopefully, they will address it before the game is negatively impacted.


o/ Thank you for the kind words! I appreciated it! Also, you can purchase the repair kits from the goddess token shop. You should be able to repair all your equipment with 5 repair kits in total. Each kit repair 10 durabilities


What is deplorable is keeping market price of token at 40mil while you now gain 1/10 the silver you used to, making F2P players almost impossible to get one each month unless you pay them with real money. And I can’t imagine playing without my team storage to pool all consumables/materials we need for the endgame + storing all expirable unstackable garbage we get from each event.

Currently my preferred way of getting silver is use the free character slots we got recently to make a new char, run through the main quest and stopping every day to do CM. This unfortunately takes too much time now that we have a trillion things to do for our endgame chars (and I have a lot of them).


ngl, this is great alternative silver making method, aside from selling unused stuffs from end game contents

the only problem i’m concerned is this kinda encourage people to just make more alts to funnel stuffs (since new steam accs is literally free) rather than just use their empty slots or “unused” characters in the lodge

if they didn’t already doing this kind of thing

they should make enhancement coupons cover all the enhancement cost, just like when you upgrade your glt crown using enhancement coupons.


For those players who have a ton of unwanted skill gems from the low-level dungeon, you can also combine it with the future skill-gem combination system in the future update. Here’s the video from 호두박사TV for the full breakdown of how it works!

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And of course its random … IMC love their rng game …

it is not random with that combined box , but need 50 gem

wasn’t min market price for token lowered though recently?
think it might be easier for more casual players to make 1 or 2 alts and leave them at low level, and use cm vouchers you pick up farming bounty hunts on the alts, but it beg the question if you aren’t running 30 alt train is more efficient to run auto cm with them or on alt for more powder?
hypothetically maps such as verkti square drop gears that vendor for 10k each, Dingofasil can drop equips that sell for 10k-13k

I think it was just halved to 20mil, but only in kToS yet (need to check), still it’s a min price, meaning you still have to buy the 40 mil ones first and then hope some people put their extras at 20mil next…

Pretty sure i saw Tokens for about 18m the last 1-2 days in Klaipeda Market

Updated to the guide:

There is another map right next to Fedimian City, and it’s called Starving Demon’s Way. This map drops a ton of equipment loots that you can sell for guarantee silvers 45k-100k+ per run! This map doesn’t drop skill gem, but it’s a great option for those who just want more silvers per runs + nucle/sierra powders!


Telsai is about 30m. Min is 20m iirc. But, well… Telsai have a lot of silver in storage.

Regarding the silver mega nerf IMC has dropped upon us (THANKS!)

Was wondering about Materials that we can get from old Hunting Grounds (Opal, Ruby, etc).
Will they be useful in the future or is it safe to farm and sell them?

Apart from the important ones like Practonium and what not.

PS: I’m bummed that the new hunting ground doesn’t drop ores like past HGs do.

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you can get ore from box in reputation shop

Don’t think these are used for anything anymore…

Whoops, sorry for the late response. We rarely use those materials anymore other than selling to shop for silvers or keeping those items to trade with other players. Several recipes used old materials, but it’s best to skip them unless you need them. Overall, keep the opals to trade without having to use the market or sell it for silvers.

Planium is still useful. You need it for Moringponia accessories (legendary version) to craft the Karaliene

best noob maps are vertke square and dingofasil the equips dropped in cm there are almost all 10k, dingofasil can drop 13k equips too


Gonna test this out when i get the chance. I also noticed Grynas Trail drop a ton of normal white equipment between 10-20 per cm runs. Each equipment can sell for 4k-5k silvers ish.