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Gemstone Feud - Some Problem Skills imo


There are quite a few problematic skills in Gemstone Feud in my opinion. These are not in any particular order and I may have overlooked some.

  1. Linker - Joint Penalty - This skill can be incredibly unfair to deal with due to the fact that it has potential to multiply damage to an absurd amount on the linked targets. I believe this skill needs to be changed to a different effect. Many times if targets are close enough together, they have no chance at any counter play before they get completely destroyed within a second.
  2. Bullet Marker - Smash Bullet - This skill does way too much damage over time.
  3. Outlaw - Rampage and Mangle - These skills sometimes get bugged allowing the user to evade almost all attacks after the skill animation has been finished.
  4. Rogue - Backstab - At maxed level, the stun on this skill lasts way too long. Not being able to do anything for 9 seconds is too much.
  5. Rodelero - Shield Push - The 10 second silence called Unbalance on this skill is too long, also it is not affected by diminishing returns which is bad.
  6. Retiarius -Pull Rete - The range of this skill’s animation is misleading, it extends too far beyond it. The range of this skill shouldn’t be this much.
  7. Doppelsoeldner - Zwerchhau - The bleed effect on this skill does way too much damage on low HP player targets in PvP. A damage reduction would be great. 7-10k bleed damage per tick is way too much.
  8. Zealot - Fanaticism:Martyr - I think this attribute lasts too long when maxed. Maybe should be halved in duration.
  9. Onmyoji - Yin Yang Harmony - For many players being hit by this skill, it causes the character to lag and stutter too much, making it almost impossible to get out of it. If the target jumps, they could be stuck in the air for the whole skill duration, unable to do anything else. Perhaps decreasing the number of hits but keeping the total damage the same would be a good solution for this annoyance.
  10. Onmyoji - Genbu Armor - This skill decreases too much damage at times. A decrease in it’s effectiveness or duration may be a solution.
  11. Taoist - Creeping Death Charm - Sometimes this skill glitches visually. The charm is seen stuck to the caster’s character, while the damage portion of it is invisible and moving.
  12. Cryomancer - Subzero Shield:Counterattack - This attribute is too strong against physical melee attacks. I believe this should be removed completely and changed to something else. Being counter attacked passively for 20,000+ damage each hit isn’t good.
  13. Cryomancer - Frost Pillar - The freezing effect’s duration is too long, it should be reduced.
  14. Necromancer - Corruption - This effect at times stays on the target and doesn’t have a duration. Meaning the target has decreased stats until death. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not.
  15. Elementalist - Stone Curse - This skill’s effect lasts way too long. Being unable to do anything for 23 seconds is silly.
  16. Plague Doctor - Healing Factor - The healing effect is too strong in most cases for that duration.
  17. Pied Piper - Dissonanz and Wiegenlied - The hit ranges on these skills feel too wide.
  18. Fletcher - Broadhead - The same problem as 7.
  19. Musketeer - This class does too much damage.

I believe that the same rules for skills and damage should be brought from TBL to Gem Feud.


How come nobody has mentioned Matador’s Corrida Fanale yet in these lists. Does no ones game bug out when they get pulled by the bull? I usually die on my priest when it happens and I usually survive kino/cryo Frost Trees full duration.


I don’t agree with some of the complaints but it’s a good point that some skills need attention, i think joint penalty and the forever stuns skills are a huge problem in balance.

at least they nerfed PD that was ridiculous before (i played PD), but i think 20s of pills is too low, 25 would be fine.


Looks like the Shadowgawler/Nuodai card also doesn’t work on the silence.

This is Zealot

They actually nerfed this in the last patch, the damage went down from 22k to 4k

Didn’t they already implemented the 45s immunity to freeze after 3 frost pillar freeze?

Thorn vine’s Bleeding also have this insane damage


Which patch are you talking about?


Our current patch, not sure about frost pillar, but the subzero shield damage was cut by a lot, I used to get hits of 22k, not it’s hitting something like 4k


I agree with these points… these skills really mess up the balance.
And i d like to increase some skills to the list of “please do something”

  1. Shadowmancer - Infernal Shadow - the max portion is 100% on players and thats a lot, most of the times you cant even get near it to remove the shadow because of crowd controls and as a plus the shadow take way more damage than you. Before rebuild i belive there was a reduction of how much damage was transmitted.
  2. Bullet Marker - Bloody overdrive - It takes way too long to end the invincibility and its 2 overhits, maybe giving just a damage reduction on pvp will make it less infuriating to deal with immortal assassins.
  3. Dragoon - Dragoon helmet - i m not a fan of dragoons but one of my alt chars is one, so i know how much losing 2% sp per second is. This skill needs some love.
  4. Peltasta - Hard Shield - The principal problem i can see with this one is a bug that allow an advantage for two handed users, i m just hoping they fix it soon.(already send the ticket)

Now i just hope the next balance patch don’t take too long to come.


That certainly needs to be fixed, either by disabling auto weapon swap while Hard Shield is in effect, or by removing the buff as soon as the weapon is swapped out.

Tbh they should remove the magic defense increase effect from Hard Shield.
Shields don’t have any magic defense to begin with, so how can a skill that supposedly hardens your shield increase your magic defense if the shield in question has none?

That’s unreasonable and unbalanced. since you simply cannot counter a Peltasta with a magic user even if he’s just using a Plate armor set.

About status ailments:

For any disabling status ailment on attack skills or basic attacks, the duration should be reduced to a maximum of 2 seconds in PVP, be it silence, freeze or stun.

Skills that only inflict status ailments without damage involved need to be separated into 2 categories.

category I is the category that inflicts status ailments in a large area (e.g. Wiegenlied) and requires no targeting;
This category should have a maximum cc duration of 3 seconds.

category II is the category that inflicts status ailments on a small area via targeting, mostly limited to only one target (e.g. Iron Maiden);
This category should have a maximum cc duration of 5 seconds.

For special cases like Death Sentence and Stone Curse, there should be halved duration applied in PVP, as they are easy to resist and have long CD times.


Believe me when i say this, even with the enormous boost on defense with the hard shield, i m still getting burst to death by some classes.

With the way damage is reduced, you would have to double your defense in order to reduce half the damage and after the rebuild, ppl are getting above 20k physical/magical damage, so i don’t think hard shield should lose its magic defense, there are already plenty of classes that counter shield users(ignoring defense/block or even removing the shield), but the ratio is high i admit, maybe lowering the amount wouldn’t hurt.

I mentioned this bug because its being heavily used by lancers/doppels so they can have like 60k def while using a two handed spear/sword, making them killing machines with high armor immune to classes that ignores block or removes shields.


But magic has no way to counter. There is ± no way to reduce magic defense (except for Velcoffer set effect on Sumazinti set, the Drakonas Lynnki Sit set effect with Dragon energy II [requires a +5 Boruta Seal] or Rune Casters Rune of Destruction), and aside of that, the only skills that get to ignore parts of the enemies magic defense are bundled on Shadowmancer.

Meanwhile, what is a magic Cleric supposed to do against Peltasta?
the damage is so bad with normal defense values already since mace and rod only have low amounts of matk, so you’re forced into a survival/DoT build like Druid>Plague Doctor>Sadhu/Exorcist to even have a chance.

And this doesn’t even include the option of the Peltasta to utilize a Demon Lord Nuaele card, which could boost his magic defense to astronomical levels (i.e. over 100k).

I think Peltasta needs to be forced to invest into a cloth set if he wants to reach high magic defense, just like anyone else. Physical defense boost is not a problem because a lot of Classes have ways to ignore/reduce physical defense.


You are overestimating the defense bonus from Hard Shield. i m getting over 60k magic defense and a lot of mages burn my life out with elemental damages like Taoist or Pyromancer.
Now for clerics, some still hit like a truck, not to mention burns and poisons that hit 800 to 5000 per tick.
Warlock still hurts a lot.
Another detail that you are prob overlooking, the defense values bonus from hard shield aren’t multiplied by other effects.
As a example, lets say with no buff you have

30k phy def(10k from shield) and 15k mag def

Now with a fully maxed out Hard Shield + 1 level + max passives you will get +352%.
your buffed def will be:

phy def=30k + 10k * 3.52 = 65.2k
mag def= 15k + 10k * 3.52 = 50.2k

Now, lets add a Legendary Nuaele at 5 stars:
your new def will be:

phy def = stays at 65.2k
mag def = 15k*(1+0.5) + 10k * 3.52 = 57.2k

You can check with other def increasing buffs too, they don’t stack really well. Lets add a mergaite buff now. It will be like this:

phy def = 30k*(1+1) + 10k * 3.52 = 95.2k
mag def = 15k*(1+0.5+1) + 10k * 3.52 = 72.7k

And i m not theory crafting about this thing, i mainly play as a tank, so i searched and tested a lot with this, you can test it for your self. the only thing i saw stacking with the other def buffs where the useless Active Guard© they promised free pain barrier on rebuild just to not even touch it.


Stop wasting your time on calculations that you clearly do not understand. There are few simple things like high def/mdef and low def/mdef. 1st one dies by one shot from the any source of damage, 2nd one can tank few hits. So its clear enough that peltasta users abusing it hard especially 2h users. And a simple answer why u keep taking dmg even with 60-100k def/mdef is [Attribute Damage] and inquisitor def ignore skills. Someday you will meet a fully geared/buffed SR with drakonas kitemoor set and pumped boruta seal then he will burn you down in 1-2 seconds with just att dmg no matter how high is your def.


meh, good point there, there will be no balancing patch for more like 1 month anyway.


In TBL a lancer with good gear have like 170k HP, Almost inmune to any CC or status effect, high mobility, high def, and easy 1 shoot anyone in one knockdown, but at least in my server are only 2 players with that description.


i have already count like 5 ppl(on my server) that are using this bug, ans 2 of them are on top 10 tbl.


I’m only talking about the lancers with all thats “good things” in one single char.



IMC want’s to pretend I didn’t just type over 20 characters just because they’re in your quote…

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Honestly, you don’t seem to bother at all to calculate a decent equipment set,do you?

Full +11 T10 Velcoffer Plate/Leather set is +11548 magic defense.
Add some legendary bracelet & necklace (e.g. Solmiki) at T6 +9 and you got another 1354 magic defense.

Swordsman base magic defense is 1170 at level 390.

Every point of CON adds another 2 magic defense and every 10 CON add another 5% of 1160 magic defense on top of that.
Since Peltasta has the highest CON gain in the game, even in the worst constellation, you’d have at least 280 base CON at max level, which translates to another 2184 magic defense.

That means we’re at least at 24384 magic defense with a 5 star demon lord nuaele card (280 CON, level 390) before any Hard Shield. With Hard Shield level 11 full attribute we’re at over 71k already with this setting.
And this doesn’t include any CON from gear, a beneficial Class combination,titles,collections,etc.
You could even go as far and equip 3 normal Nuaele on top and easily reach the 100+k magic defense mark.

At that point I call it flat out bull if anyone says that bringing a magic attack of about 15k vs a 70+k magic defense is anywhere near balanced.
The damage is completely and utterly gutted to about 1-3k per hit, which is just tickling the Peltasta, not considering the further 50% damage reduction every time an attack is blocked.

Getting Good doesn’t help anymore if the enemy can get multiples of your attack values in defense on top of high HP and status ailment resistance.


Say that to the mages i enconter on a lot of places hitting like 10k or some times 50k. Not to mention shadowmancers now that can instakill you if you are far from him.

Whining because a tank is tanking is too much, just as a reminder, peltasta is a class focused to create TANKS and after they solve the problem with the hard shield staying even when you don’t have a shield on, your life as a tank, cc, dps mage will be easier.


you forgot how those two lancers abuse of lags/server desync, that’s the true resistance. Aside of this when they got caught, it’s not that hard to kill them. They are immune because of serv desync, and i don’t speak about the impossibility to target them with AA cause of the pet.

To come back to the discussion
9 sec stun on rogue?! It was 7 sec, and nerfed to 4 sec for pvp recently. Doesn’t the nerf already applied?! And it’s fair, it’s a solo target cc that can be blocked and dodge.

About mangle/rampage dodge after the skill. It’s because the immunity 100% dodge desync and comes after the skill. In fact it’s more a threat than an op thing. When i push my mangle i do it in critical moment to dodge something…and i die cause it doesn’t come at the right moment.

plz let the archer tree in peace

complaining about the sluttering of onmyio makes me laugh. There’s litteraly classes that stuck you inside a server lag…and can abuse of it

Healing factor?! => Piercing heart. The PD nerf is perfect, it’s still a strong class but not the most op s.h.i.t in the universe it was (i remember a PD tanking my whole guilde during boruta lul, a single guy). What i like with this new cleric is, dps has to protect their clerics, which was not the case before.