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[GemFeud]AFK in gem feud


these two player are always but always afk in gem feud doing nothing in case of dodo he had gear to do something but he keep afking every feud
@GM_Francis do something pls


You’re lucky here… on Fedimian, we have a player that enters Gem Feud at 3pm and afks, then enters TBL at 4pm and afks, then enters dungeons at 5pm and afks. :haha:


tbh I can’t really blame people for afking if gemstone feud is basically nothing more than frustrating gemstone mining with the prospect of getting yourself killed by Lancers and Featherfoots (especially bad on Fedimian).

Yes, you can get some points by trying hard with monster kiilling, but it’s not very fair if some people can monopolize the mid area [just because of missing balance] who kill you with your T10 Solmiki/Velcoffer equipment with one or two skills and you can not do anything about it because everytime you hit them it just tickles them although they seldomly have better gears than yourself[let’s not forget the Elixir spam if you get them close to death].

Imo those people shouldn’t be penalized since IMC made the system in a way that gives out free rewards for doing nothing.
If they instead only gave points for farming crystals and none for killing players (maybe even subtract points)
gemstone feud could become more interesting and challenging instead of freaking annoying since always meeting the same griefplayers every day who like to destroy your fun and sabotage your active gameplay efforts to get some gems & attribute points is just enticing players to afk.


AFK players in gemstone get hardly any badges anyways


I don’t blame him for AFKing, although I do report him every time. It has apparently done nothing.

I personally just leave those games.


Dodo ended up leaving his guild when other members confronted him about it. Eh.


That was not the ending I had in mind…lol