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Gem Feud MVP Stamp Tour Objective

First of all, yes. There is another thread, but it’s been dead for weeks now. Now that, that’s out of the way.

Congratulations IMC, you’ve royally screwed up. Why would you put an objective for new players, gate kept behind veterans? There’s so many people on 1 map on Telsiai, you can literally walk on any given point on the map and there will be someone, or in fact, a ton of people within screen length. With the hordes of Schwarzer Reiters and AoE range classes, it’s impossible to get any noteworthy amount of gems to turn in. Lag and VGA crashes galore, Instant deaths despite being on “equal footing”, but when I use my skills, it has absolute zero effect on the enemy. Who the hell green lit this idea for the stamp tour? Does any of your staff even play your own game? You want a prime example on how NOT to design something, look at “Not forgotten” on Destiny 2. Only the top percentage of players are able to acquire it, which in turn they use it to gate keep other players from obtaining it even harder, thus creating an even larger skill gap than what is expected to be achievable of a normal person. They did nerf Not Forgotten and Luna’s Howl and have made adjustments to the matchmaking to allow solo queue players only to match make against other solo queues, but it’s still generally speaking, impossible to obtain by most people. Granted Trans 8 + 11 gears are nothing on the tier of Not Forgotten, the bare minimum every single ToS player should be aiming for is T10 + 11, which you will have to work towards even with these rewards, which means that these gears are nothing more than a stepping stone for new players designed so that they can catch up to older players so that they don’t feel like it’s hopeless to start now. Which further solidifies the idea that this shouldn’t have been gate kept behind other players AT ALL. By no means am I asking this to be an easy hand out, but something like this should NEVER be gate kept behind other players. You can tune the difficulty of PvE based things like adjusting monster count, or adjusting objectives etc. But you can’t tune how well one player plays against another(especially when you’ve got more than Battlefield’s conquest mode number of players in this small space). I’m not expecting any semblance of “balance” in a game that has this many variables(class / skill combinations, gears, attributes, arts, stats, gems, enchantments, awakenings, trans, refinements, cards, etc.) that idea in itself is an impossibility, and to think otherwise is delusional. So I’m even more baffled that anyone at all, thought that this stamp tour objective was a good idea.


err… I get lost in that sea of text, your point is…?

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obviously like many others who havent completed it like me we want it to be removed or changed
but honestly the chance is pretty low for this to happen
although we kind of deserve it as compensation due to the issues that still exist in gem feud like the channel capacity, real gear on uniform mode, vga, mpv titles cycles, wobbly mechanic, unbalance pvp etcs
i already give up on this final reward for so long but that doesnt stop me to dig deeper than one t10 scroll and 20m
if i compare myself against someone who completed it once and thats it, i definitely got more profit

You only need top 5 of either board (kills or gem farm). Get some friends and have them protect you while you farm gems, or roll oracle or something and just Twist of Fate kill steal people by following around people you know are good at doing damage.

Klaipeda has seen 30v30 matches almost every session and there are brand new players MVPing every day. You can do it.

On fedimian you only need a cozy 4-5 kills for kill mvp, which is not that hard to do.
One of my guildies just asked for me to suicide vs him nonstop to get kill mvp. If you have any buddies you could attempt this. You have to be sneaky though.

As a player that sucks at Gem Feud, it seems doable. Can’t say the same for TBL since i can’t get in a match after 30min queue.

thanks for the suggestion or spitting out fact or more like opinion to encourage ppl
but i ll stick to my mines for the rest 2 days.
at least i got and sold 1 sparrow pet, thats why i feel compensated lol

You can get the stamp by just watching battles (spectate), don’t have to participate (just in case that a match was made with other players before you could get in)

OP: While I already got the MVP stamp I agree with you, I couldn’t get it on my PC sadly I had to go to another because mine had performance issues aside form the difficulty of getting the crystals and this is something that IMC should had thought more. It is more difficult when there are battles with 35 players on each side, sometimes crystals were long gone and monsters were already dead before I could do anything because the lag.

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  • its just top 5
  • kills or farm, so there are 10 spots per gemstone

I got mine playing an passiveless alt scout in the only gemstone I went during the entire event

as in, there is the event-gear gemstone thing, the first gemstone, where the only thing that matters is class, skill(?) and passives, and even there you can just get a farmer toon or a killer toon and go farm mobs/pvp and get in the top 5