Tree of Savior

Gem feud feedback/suggestions


well I had some feedback about the current situation of gem feud

  1. Pay to win potions: most of them use the leticia’s or gasha’s potions to maintain them alive that to unfair to everyone, I suggest remove it from feud or give it a long cd not renovate by be killed

  2. Gem feud npc: the npc that you lend the fragments is so easy to kill by some warriors like lancers or reitaris. The idea of killing the npc is fun but it should be like the maximun damage it can receive is 1 and had 1000 hp or something like that

  3. Attacking far away from the screen: well it is the annoying part of feud sometimes I get killed from someone away from me (unseen of the screen) I hope re:build fix that but… I want to see that fixed in feud

  4. AFK in feud: well it is uncommon but afkers in feud should be kicked from it and unable to back again for the day

  5. PVP Rules in feud: the PVP rules of feud are useless it should be like tbl or something like gvg or balanced at least

well I hope it can help to improve the gem feud If someone had more suggestions for it are welcome

  1. I’m using the elixirs from the popo point shop. I think it’s fair game.
  2. Killing the npc is a rather frustrating mechanic.
  3. They should implement a hard maximum distance like TBL, but have that value higher than TBL just because gemstone plays over a larger area.
  4. Meh.
  5. Gemstone does have some unique rules. They’re just softer than TBL.