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Gear scoring system needs to be removed/rework

Gear scoring system needs to be removed.

I believe it makes no sense for an MMORPG game to have certain content limitations. Which only benefit players who spend money on the game and those who play for long hours daily for many months.
Casual players are being barred from raiding content, dgs and these types of content because of the obligation to have a well refined gear with expensive items.

  1. To solve this, I suggest creating a simple default gear system for each content. Just like you did with the goddess gear system.

  2. Each player who doesn’t have a good set to make the content, choose a free standard type of armor, weapon and accessory with some stats or score enough to make the content of the game. Only to be used in these raids/dg etc. Until they can create their own through the rewards of the same.

  3. And for those who already have an equal or better gear for the content. They can continue with their sets as normal. This will end with the empty queues and generate more interaction of players in the game.

This will attract all players to make these content stands and will break the limiting barrier.

You can enter all content outside of hard modes on your first 7 days of gameplay currently, if you can’t, we can help you here. Feel free to post a screen with your gear.
Also they recently had a patch in KR where armor/weapon enhances became more important than the rest to enter stuff.

i think current gear scoring system is somewhat decent/better than before.
Requirement for delmore Auto/Goddess is quite high since the raid itself is quite hard.

I remember when they release the Snake raid and the auto queue almost died for non-whale players since the queue is filled with alts with just trans10 gears no enhance - dying in 1 or 2 normal hits from boss. If you got no whale in the party, you cant finish at all.

This limitation(or more like a requirement) is really important for the raid to be possible to finish.
besides, their is a solo versions of the raid which the requirement is not high at all, and is very easy - perfect ground to gear up.

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The numbers there to make sure everyone in equal standing

If it revert to it’s old system you can be a hobo, minimum geared bum, entering high level raid hoping to get carry, ruin everyone else’s queue and playtime


Be the only whale carry 4 bums at max and run a nasty raid.

Both are annoying unless you are ■■■ hobo OR you are flex lonely whale who cry in dead shout so people queue and afk

Sooo yeah… Those endgame raids do have some gear needs, its not that hard to get the needed Gear Score and yet with the bare minimum you will mostly feel weak inside but still doing something.

Just repeating what others are saying, these gear scores are there for a good reason and there are the Solo versions so that you can become more familiar with the raids while giving you resources to gear up without the need of cashing at all.

end game content should not be for newbies who doesn’t know which is right or left. its already easy enough as is, with jump levels and free gear. well, for a very casual player myself, i don’t think that i would need to hit hard raids. you got the same amount of fire earrings, scales, and delmore materials as normal or hard. the only difference is you got some small chance to get extra lucky to get big rewards.
end game content is there as goals for new players.