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Game not starting - can't access "system" folder

Edit: I was able to narrow down the cause of this problem. Explained in this post: Game not starting - can't access "system" folder

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) :
Issue has been persisting over the past few weeks.

Server Name:
None, as the issue occurs before server selection.

Team Name:
Eillis. (Doesn’t matter anyway as the issue occurs before game start).

Character Name:
None. Issue occurs before game start.

Bug Description :

I am not able to start the game at all. When I try to start the game, game process shows up for a brief moment and shuts down right away.
I noticed that I have a few “Info” folders with files in “TreeOfSavior/system” folder, to which I have no access rights. I am not able to delete these folders. Inside these folders there are a few other folders which I can’t even open (all on screenshots).

It seems that these folders with permission restrictions are preventing me from starting the game.
Changing folder/file permissions does nothing. I have “full control” permissions set for these folders.
The only way I have, to temporarily fix the problem is using a special program (Unlocker) to delete these folders at system start.
After I delete these folders in this way I am able to start the game.
This solutions sometimes works only once. After I close the game, the problem comes back right away. Sometimes the problem goes away for a few days or a week. Eventually it always comes back though.
I have no similar problems with permissions with any other software I use on my computer, not even the ones that require administrator privilidges to run.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Double-clicking game icon to start game. Nothing happens.

Screenshots / Video :
Screenshots are in Polish, but I am sure that you can recognize the popups.
One says that I need right permissions to modify the folder.
The other says that folder is inaccessible and access is denied.


  • OS : Windows 10 Pro
  • Country, Region : Poland

Hello @darkexiler,

Please send us a support ticket with the details of your concern. Thank you!

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I submitted a ticket.
Thank you for quick reply!

I have this exact same problem. have you fixed this yet? if so can you post it here? thank you very much

All along I am still encountering this problem.
I can fix it with Unlocker but it keeps coming back (usually after new ToS update) and it’s so annoying to deal with.

I was able to track down cause of this problem a little deeper.

@GM_Francis Very likely, this is information that development team would like to look into?

It seems that Intel graphics card driver is using (keeping active handle) the Info folders in ToS’ System folder.
I have no idea why… but that seems to be the case.

It seems to be a common issue with some steam games (, though personally I did not have this problem with anything else than ToS.

If I forcefully shut down (or restart) the Intel driver process, the Info folder from ToS disappears on it’s own. I can then start the game normally.

Tip for everyone else encountering similar problem:

even if this specific driver is not the case for you, I recommend using Process Explorer (google it) to find which program is locking access to ToS folders.