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Game frequently Crashing(VGA ERROR) when changing Channel or using WARP! KINDLY FIX ASAP!

The Game seems to Crash Frequently(3 in 10 times) when u change channel from ch1 to ch2 or 3… or when u use Warp Statue?
this seem to happen only after this weeks maintenance.

is anybody else facing this issue?


Something’s wrong since maintenance for sure. :tired:

I get this after about 5-10 minutes of being online in town now.


Happening to me too sometimes after the latest patch @ May 19

one of those “new features” imc bring to us every week :heart:

I think is IMC again with these Failures Updates.
Same problem as you guys, this week i have a lots of Crashing Game, when i played 5 min to 10.
before this patch i had never a game crash, so please IMC resolve this.!!
@staff @Staff_Jin @STAFF_Yuri @Staff_Alex @STAFF_William @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Amy

I’ve been experience this since the recent server merge. Basically, anything that changes the map you’re currently in gives chance to disconnect you from the game, be it warp, enter dungeon, enter TBL/GTW map, etc.

Already sent several tickets and the issue still hasn’t resolved yet.

Warning sign on not enough lecitia revenue :panicc2:

but then the patch is literally empty wtf did they do lmao.

I also think they need to seriously upgrade the Amazon servers Klaipeda and Silute are using.

Was watching some Telsiai GTW videos and I am extremely upset with how much Klaipeda lags in comparison (and based on some videos Silute posted, Silute is also bad). There’s just no excuse for it. Klaipeda is smaller than Telsiai and lags 10 times worse in GTW, what gives?

I have the same isssue. :c

The Crashes have become too Frequent … and its seriously annoying as HELL now.
TOO MANY VGA Errors and severe lag happening when
1)Doing Legend Skia(EXTREME lag on everyday)
2) Error when doing CM(VGA Error suddenly)
3) Warping or Changing Channels. ( VGA Error/crash like 5 of out 10 times GAME CRASH)

Also Screen Freeze when swapping weapons…
not to mention the LAG every now and then…

So far i see they been busy about the guild posts…lol

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3 days for GTW. Any progress, @staff @GM_Francis ?

It is unfortunate that players have to resolve this memory leak themselves via 3rd party means, hopefully it is fixed officially soon.


It would have been better if IMC has recognized these issues and gave us a timeline or a plan of action for addressing it. That would have been more professional to address reputational issues. But here we are struggling in the dark and finding means to fix it ourselves while they kept quiet.

iam facing the same challenge gettin vga crash all day long,im not the only one facing those abnormalities please IMC fix this.
PS: im a silute player.

It’s honestly getting worse for me on the weekend.

2 crashes yesterday in my 3 hour stream and today I crashed after being in the game for 20 minutes.

The indicator is always the same. If the map for a statue warp doesn’t load properly and is greyed out, a crash is going to happen a few minutes afterwards. Sage warps also cause crashes, but there’s no indication about when those happen. They just randomly happen.

Adding myself in this thread

my memory is full after like 30 min of playing… i have 32 gb so whats wrong with this game after patch?? FIX THIS GAME :expressionless:

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Ahh, good old VGA error, some things never change.

I keep pressing “Yes” to send my information, I wonder if it’s actually being used for anything though.

R5 3600, 5700 XT, 16GB DDR4 3600 CL14 (can’t run ToS for more than an hour of active gameplay). #sadpopo

oh, heeyyy!!!
long time no seee!

are you back for real?

I am actually reluctant to write a guide to rectify this error ( I don’t want to be liable for any potential hardware/software issues )

The current and persistent memory leak issue can only be resolved by 2 means. Till we get an official fix

  1. Always re-client or avoiding crowded/object heavy maps to reduce memory leak build up

  2. Using third party memory cleaning/flushing tools to elevate this issue and the need to spam reclient.
    Yes you still get VGA error eventually by flushing memory, but at least it occurs once every 6-8 hours

It is unfortunate the good work/mem leak issue that was resolved for the past 1 year has come back to haunt us again.