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Future update 2019 Soon™

Apparently the game will have much change in the future. I like this game, unfortunately the updates do not arrive and the human quality decays inside the game, to top it does not give us the tbl after several months.

What changes do you expect for the game in 2019?

Pd: in case the game does not die before.

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i want only R9 and saalus changes and new 2h mace and krivis changes/bug fix ._. i really want that much?

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I both want Shepherd and don’t… If it comes with R9 I’ll cry because I want to be Kabbalist 3 too ;___; I can’t wait R10 if I’m being tempted D:

I guess I hope we finally get an update on all the big changes kTOS has had (ET, Saalus, HG, 2H mace, skills,…), get R9, FIX THE BUGS THAT HAVE BEEN AROUND SINCE FOREVER, and better optimization.
(Also a personal thing: for them to finally solve my problem and stop ignoring my tons of tickets 8D (am I way too naive ?))

And when that’s done and TOS is in a better shape, I want them to work on other kinds of contents. Contents that don’t only revolve around farming. Farming is fun and all, but when your characters are maxed that’s literally all you can do. It does get tiring and boring after a few months…
Also there aren’t enough contents to make the farming worth it. “Yay, I got my shiny transcended weapon ! … and got nothing to use it on”


Do you know what’s the worst of it? having to wait for months for new content
and that even if you like the game you feel disappointed every Monday when you see the patch notes


And… GM date… meh… anothe week no updates…