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Fortune Cookie

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Fortune Cookie’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

[Event] Popolion Doll x1

Is that what I think it is? The headgear back from when the game was originally launched?


Yes it is… Soon hannaming doll… ?

i got 2 hanaming doll
is that thing no longer drop?

iirc those were only obtainable from the founder packs, but yea, packs were bugged and people bought a lot so there is an insane amount of popo and hana dolls circulating in all servers till this day

also imc told these items would never be given again, so I hope this is other item (that goes in DOLL slot) or IMC is plain telling that she doesn’t care about what they’ve said in the past and lied to our face

Gonna need a source on that, I don’t think they ever said this.

It’s probably the normal Popolion Doll, and like you said, these dolls are on the market often for quite cheap prices, at least on the Klaipeda server. They’re not very rare or exclusive.

This is probably the “closest” thing officially said about the products being unavailable from then on. The Popolion Doll is cheap anyways, most Founder Pack owners probably already sold those things off for cheap or are still keeping them to sell one day (along with them Hanaming Dolls).

Heck, I assume there are probably more Popolion Dolls circulating out there than the amount of current players.

Yeah, that’s just the sale of the packs. Has nothing to do with the item or them saying the item would “never be given again.”

Did IMC delete Fortune Cookies that were earned from before this event? I remember I had a lot of them before hanging around in my inventory, seems like I can’t find them anywhere (unless IMC mentioned somewhere that Fortune Cookies earned before the event was deleted at some point).

They did and fortune cookies before the event will not work. I guess it have a different ID.


EDIT: Correcting my post, for some reason this was redirecting people to “Source of Evasion” :joy:

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did they miss about when will fortune cookies reset? or i just miss the detail?
also in tooltip/event page no mention about this cookies will get deleted after event, so is this permanent then?

My mistake, they only said that it will not be obtainable in-game(which doesn’t matter tbh because the server was flooded with these acessories and people sold in the market to others that didn’t purchased the expensive pack), only by future events.
I’ve confused by another game founders pack.

Aw man I’m kinda bummed too given that I expected that they’d be rare due to being founder’s items. I’ve got two in my storage too. Ah well. To be fair I wasn’t doing anything with the doll anyway, it’s just nice to have rare stuff since we invested and bought those founder’s packs when everything was up in the air.

yes they deleted the 200+ cookies i got way way back, it got deleted along the event ones @4lkruzeth Owo

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Do you refer to the non timed Fortune Cookies? Cause I still got several Fortune Cookies (14D) on some of my char, probably from Log Calendar.

Just referring to the hundreds of Fortune Cookies that IMC keeps giving out in events here and there since the creation of those things long time ago.

why the event doll popolion not team storageable? gosh…
thankfully i done my 90 in my main