For mouse will fix this with patch


guys and devs i will have a question will the mouse ever will fix this soon with patch?

the mouse will move rare issue with kill a enemy with skill not normal attack in the area enemy

pls devs can you fix this mouse issue because they re rare issue with normal kill and movement on rare issue ground because i have finish with controller with my quest goddess saule on area talk with npcs will have too it with issue on npcs talk they do a rare talk with not clicking on npcs with issue on clicking mouse with npc will this will soon be fix pls devs soon must you the mouse issue fix this i want clicking on npcs will talking not controller and too it with black screen scene on story quest or side quest they do rare issue with black screen with disapeared a talk then he movement to another area and this must too it will fix this soon with all 3 to patch.

:thanks dear lordofsidious


I wish mouse was fixed for good. I’m a mouse user and feel I’m like a blind player – I simply target an area and hope I actually hit things. All content that requires killing a boss is a PitA because it takes forever to find the lone pixel that allows you to target the boss. Not mentioning that bosses tend to move… :tired:


Yeah, I feel you mon. Mapped force autoattack button on my side mouse button, it kinda helps, but still sometimes I would autoattack with my BM in an opposite direction entirely.

Mousemode was always broken, since beta.