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Flint's long lost brother

According to the new NPC, Henry.
His hairstyle looks similar to BM Master, Flint. I can’t help but draw both of them standing together. XD
I wonder that MAGGI is kinda enjoy to draw this kind of hairstyle, huh? :thinking:


YES, PLEASE. I love this headcanon! I need this.


Thanks! They’re both hot but Flint-sama is still my husbando. :kissing_heart:

I also drew Kastytis(with Jurate), here.


I knoooww. Flint is just husbando material. <3 <3
I can see he enjoys the boobs. :^)

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I reeeeaaallly want to touch his boobies.
honk honk

is it our wet goddess of lewd maggi doing the new characters?_?


Yeah, husbando material characters. XD