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Fletcher-mergen-ranger 200820 review

mergen change

fletcher change

ranger change
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Here is the video covering the changes! just watched

TLDR poorly made:


  • New atribute that increase Ranger skill range by 100
  • Barrage was heavly changed:
    .The skill no longer shots in arc, instead it spread in an arc after hitting primary target
    .Additional Damage to slow or faint afflicted targets removed
    .SFR buffed (dont remember the values watch the video)
    .Nunber of attacks fixed to 5
  • High Anchor got SFR Bufed and Attribute Continuous Fire Removed
  • Steady Aim:
    .Max levle reduced from 15 to 5
    .Now the effect only applyes to Missile Bow Attacks
    .New Attribute that changes it’s effec depending on weapon
    2H Bow 65% ACC +Steady Aim damage increase %
    Cross Bow 65% Block Pen +Steady Aim damage increase %
  • Critical Shot:
    .SFR Increassed
    .Overheat changed to 1
    .The Critical damage buff is now applied when the skill is used (no need to hit the target)
    .Buff now increases damage when a critical attack occur by 25% + [skill lvl ]* 2.5%
    .effect only applies when using 2h Bows or Cross Bows
  • Spiral Attack:
    .SFR increased
    .Spiral Arrow Increased Hits now applies as buff to the caster
    .Damage increase to slowed targets removed
    .effect of applying 50% critical rate has been removed
  • Bonsing Shot:
    .SFR increade
    .Arts Insta freeze damage changed to : ([maximum targets] / [targets hit]) * 3.5%


  • New attribute Polishing Arrowhead add, gains 1 stack of a buff that increases damage by 2%
    critical rate by 5% per stack up to 10 stacks, only for 2H bows and Cross bows
  • Broadhead
    .Ovearheat changed to 1
    . Bleed Duration Changed: 10 + [skill factor] * 1 second
  • Bodkin Point
    .SFR Increased
    .Max skill lvl changed to 5
    .Defense Decreases changed to: 7.5% + ]skill level] * 1.5%
  • Barbed Arrow
    .Number of hits Depending on enemys defense type change to:
    Cloth 5 Leather 4 Plate 2 Ghost 1
  • Divine Machine Arrrow
    .Changed to a channel attack that hits every 0.5s for 2.5s
    .SFR increased
    .Overheat changed to 1
  • new Attribute Wound
    .Attacking an enemy with 2H Bow inflicts Wound debuff for 30s
    .Increases damage by 20% when attacking enemy with wound with a 2H Bow
    .Upon reaching 2 wound stacks Min Critical Chance increased by 40% when using 2H Bow
    -Homing Arrow
    .SFR increased
    .Overheat changed to 2
    -Triple Arrow
    .Chance of explosion changed to: 10% + [skill level]*6%
    .Increased AOE ratio by 6
    .Gives 3 hits regardless of distance
    .Triple Arrow Triple atribute removed
  • Arrow Sprinkle
    .SRF Increased
  • Down Fall
    .SFR increased
    .Overheat Changed to 1
  • Zenith
    .Now Hits a designated range (no more need of be one with the boss to get all hits)
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Some quality of life changed, and reinforce of identity
and the end of ranger abuse to every circle in archer three xD

i was unde the inpression that steady aim also applied to crossbow

“only” the critical shot buff is halved.

So much for arbalester love.

Doesn’t say in video steady aim only affect 2h bow. Where is this came from?

i miss typed, thanks for pointing out, it just says [Missile: Bow Attacks]

it does! Missile Bow Attack includes cross bow as far as i’m concerned, i miss typed but now is correct

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soloing moring hard.
if you have any question just ask him directly at his youtube video, ask in korean