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Fletcher master card

fletcher master card: +30% to skill with [bow] attribute.

so, only build containing these classes compatible with this card?

for any other build better stay with bleeding/poison card?

Some of Wugushi is bow, but since it is all poison based no reason to not use poison cards.

Otherwise the classes you did not X out are the only ones that would benefit from the fletcher master cards. (Though QS Deploy Passive and Scatter Caltrops do not count as bow)

the attack type cards are all very limited, especially the Nak Muay Master card with bonus for strike attacks (shield Swordsmen, Nak Muay, Monk, Paladin,Krivis, with some outliers like Falconer or some classes with only a small portion of their skills being Strike like Highlander or Inquisitor), making building around them limiting, but at least a bit rewarding since you never need another card for any content.

The Archer bow type card has some potential as you have meta Mergen-Ranger-Fletcher/Appraiser
and Quarrel Shooter/Fletcher-Arbalester-Appraiser as options. In all other cases 3 race cards are still viable, you just have to exchange them on demand for a little extra damage.