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Fletcher getting nerfed?

on paper it seems like it should be the same ([old] 2 hit dealing 1500% and [new] 1 hit dealing 3000% ) because the 2 hits are just combined into one. However, this is not the case in practice because with gear scaling, you are able to hit cap damage with a lower sfr. This person is saying they can hit cap with a 2000% sfr so this means that lets say for the [old] skill, you are hitting 9mil x 2 hits = 18mil dmg total. Now with the [new] skill, you are hitting 10m (If this is cap) x 1 hit = 10m dmg total. Most multi hit classes that can hit cap are most likely going to see a decrease in dmg because of the dmg cap. I believe if they increase dmg cap, it would probably be fine?

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or it is a buff for any low-mid gear player who cant reach dmg cap easily

or increase enemies def. No more cap.