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Flame of Gabija: How hard to get

Im planning to buy 10 gabija cube(never use before).

My question is,

Is it sure to get Flame of Gabija in 11 cube?

If you want to see how it work, just buy 1 cube.

If you want to try your luck try 25-30 cubes. Because you get another 25 at cube bonus.

You need either a lot of silver or a lot of TP, your choice.

That so you know how was the rate.

But well, it RNG anyway, may be you have a good favorite by fortune and RNG like you, you can get it in 10 cube. Who know.

I want to know if all the reward are exchangeble to medal…

Yes, all the items in Goddess Blessed Cube are exchangeable for medals

Don’t do it. The odds of getting the flames within 11 cubes is incredibly low.

Provided IMC didn’t change the percentages when they swapped out kTOS’ lower-tier rewards for cosmetics, each cube has a 1% chance of coughing up the fire special effect and a 0.2% chance of giving you Gabija wings or a Gabija doll (each). Those are some steep odds.

You might get lucky, but you almost certainly won’t (unless you mean 10 x 10+1 cubes, in which case it might be worth a shot). Only buy the cubes if you’re happy with getting some of the lower ranked cosmetics or you’ll just regret it.

Personally, I’m happy to buy event packages and Leticia cubes (when the items are good) but I never bother with goddess cubes of any kind unless I’m ready to get a whole bunch in one go.

You’d need to buy a bit less than 15 x 11 cubes (if you factor in the bonus cubes you get for every 25 tries – I cbb to work out the maths) to have a 100% chance of getting the 5000 medals you need to get it directly from the medal store. You can also undershoot a bit and buy items from the market that you can turn in for medals. Anything less than that is gambling, so be careful and don’t spend anything you’re not ready to lose :smile:

I opened 33 Gabija cubes so far. no wings/aura/doll

I opened 125 xmas goddess cubes, no starlight, no twinkle star, no sled. Just got 1 evergreen and bountiful trash.

Not whaling again after gabija. These odds suck balls.


There is a reason they are called Gacha, if you pull trying to get the rare rewards, then they Gotcha.


After this drop with the biggest spend of my life on TOS I imagine it will be my last Goddess cube, I will not spend more on this and a disrespect with the players who just wanted a mere appearance, spend so much and still not get anything that would you like. As much as I like TOS this drop system has crossed the line and 5000 trade coins is even more abusive.


sadly yes, gatcha in this game is WORST i ever seen, drop rate is just incredibly low, u should shame IMC

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I see what I dope, I am not happy, but I imagine who spent much more than me to “try” to drop and also failed, I also imagine the happy who with little caught …
Not being able to buy just what you want, without depending on luck, just buying is ready and very frustrating.
15 gabija guardian
3 gabija priest
0 others

It is almost as if the Wing, the flames, and the doll were an unsurpassed Rank S, whoever feels privileged.

Yeah I got 4 guardian and like 3 priest. I got fire on my 30th-40th box though. Finally something. Still if I just bought tokens for the money I spent on blessed cubes, which is 50 cubes, I’d have 220m+ :v

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