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Fix the chat error!need all support so imc will do its work!

We have suffer the chat error and keep crash game in 2 week, can imc do something?
Is that any place to report imc not doing its job properly?


this is PeteBallin and i approve of this message


asked people from other countries, other servers are fine, only ours is broken


I have been trying to play this game again (Klaipedia) and this random chat error is very annoying and my game keeps crashing


that why we need all complain to imc site

all servers are broken right now smh
who are you asking to lol


it seen most player ok with this chat error, only us are complain about it

Nobody is ok with the chat/queue bugs, but we already have 999 complain threads, dont need 1 more.
IMC has already acknowledged the problem, so i hope they are working hard on fixing it.
That being said, over a week of an issue this critical is unforgivable.


Yes, all the Others are satisfied with this…Facepalm. Most play and arrange with it and dont waste time in crying in Forums. Do other content, if u cant automatch and chat. Its okay to open a slot and telling IMC chat still broken. But IMC wont fix it with high priority, cause in general Game works. Its the old story :(. Best way to change sth. is finiacial pressure, not buying IMC stuff. That wont happen and there is a high chance that they close before invest. So buy IMC and change it for us. But plx stop blaming other players. Cause no one like playing a broken game.

I certaintly hope IMC didnt just do that patch last week where they announced launching a fix patch for the automatching problems and then assume it was fixed. :sad:

ye. Fix on all servers.

on Tuesday, ALL the AutoMatch content was broken on Fedi
since Chat was down the entire day.

Earlier it was smooth sailing then after that one DC that chat bug came back … it was around 6pm svt to 10pm svt … O.O I think when the devs woke up it came back … devs go to sleep and dont get playing with the server settings XDD

All I want to say is that IMC don’t really care about us if we keep silent. . .i will stop play tp from now on , that is the only little thing i can do . . .

the silute server is garbage, if IMC does not buy a better / bigger server these problems will persist.

I will still play but won’t buy anymore tp…

Where did they say they know what’s going on? The last ‘known issues’ post they made, didn’t mention this… And their answers to the tickets I’ve sent, said I should check my internet connection

They mentioned it here
And they also did do a live patch as far back as last week, but it ended up not solving anything at all.

Oh thank you, I’ve missed that one.
I just don’t understand why can’t they just copy what was done in kToS

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It is simply a shame, a company spend a week subjecting players to the same mistake and do nothing …

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Some staff could describe problem to us, we can have different workarounds.