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Fix the chat error!need all support so imc will do its work!

we need an answer at least.

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It’s gotta have something to do with timezones… iTos have multiple servers in different timezones compared to Ktos. I don’t know. Please devs, figure this out. PLS

its just servers being ■■■■ and them not wanting to upgrade.

Lets see maintain today will be the solve or nothing

Another week and channels dropping and the same chat error happening (less often) but it’s still there, my money goes elsewhere and I guarantee that many will also, and sad to see a good update with good content, yet keep away from players like that …

chat seem to fix in fedimian now but full queue seem to crash now

Is it finally over? :sad:

chat in Telsiai fixed last i checked.

the chat error , . . … is coming back… . …

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