Tree of Savior

Fishing limit restriction?


Hi! I’ll keep this short for the sake of everyone’s sanity, but I feel like all of the restrictions on what you can do in the game really limits the amount of fun a player is able to have…

I wish fishing was a little more interactive, but if this is what we get, why have daily limits involved with such a passive activity with little gain? Popo points and fishing events bump up player numbers, I get that, but… Wouldn’t unlimited fishing help that even more?

I feel like if someone would like to use ToS as an idle game they aren’t even able to do that…


some changes that might come to itos in the future…

I wish they would let you fish in more places and not just 2 :pensive:


I wish I would not get 3-4 Red Cockat Hats out of 10 fished items everytime… :rage:



Use rainbow worms they say… they are the best they say…

:tired: FK the rainbow