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First-Rate explorer title is temporary? Seriously?

Your game’s life expectancy is up to 10 years. That means there is at most 120 CHARACTER (not accounts) that will get First-Rate explorer. I bring up “Characters” because some people might want it on multiple characters (like me).
Anyways, I got the title on 2 characters just to learn both are gone.
MAKE IT PERMANENT or make it very clear that it is temporary Would keeping this title permanent somehow ruin game’s economy or something?

Anyways, do what you feel necessary, I was about to take a break from the game anyways, this just means I won’t be coming back. I still hope you’ll change that, because I feel like I worked for 2 months (yes, that takes effort) and you people took a massive dump on my efforts. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody.

most ppl know that it’s only 7 days title, that’s why no one wanna do it. poor you if you wanna quit the game because of that. hahahaha bye and take care.

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It’s not every day you get to see someone worked up over a few words that display under their character. Just take a screenshot of you having the title, or something. It could even outlast Earth itself if you take care of it.



read carefully next time

Who are these most people and how do they know?
Like how do you know? Did somebody tell you? Did you read patchnotes when it was first introduced? Did you actually read it in game?

Unless it’s the last option and you knew about it BEFORE getting affected by it, I’d say that’s not a valid channel of information about current mechanics.

By the way, if you’ve never worked for top the top, I don’t want to hear anything about my emotional response. When you work for 2 months and don’t get paid, then come and tell me it’s funny.

First-rate Adventurer Title Stripped. Be Warned! dated december 2017

hahahahaha … I did the same thing you do before.
I got no.1 for more than 5 months with more than 120k point.
then i realized it’s pointless. So, I stopped.
the game have a lot of more things to do. :wink: :wink: :wink:

poor kirito


…then i realized it’s pointless.

This pretty much sums up my problem. First you have to waste time (not a trivial amount of time) and only then you get to find out that you’ve in fact wasted it and not invested it.

I’m not really sure why I am the only one bothered by that…
Well, whatever. It’s no longer my problem. See you people in other games o/