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Feedback from a "Returner"


i want to keep it Short. Lets see.

First, i started this game at Launch, i got all the Founder Packs, i had really Fun the first Monthes.
Then i had to stop the game for some Reasons for a Long Time.
Some weeks ago, i found an Email from ToS Returner Event Etc… i gave it a Try.
Still had an Premium Token. So i leveled up a bit.
For me is Story > all, so my first goal was, clearing my Complete Quest list.
Its my Taste. So in that around 1 Month, i did a Hella lot of Quests, and ended Up lvl.318.
Even most Filler Quests are just repeating over and over. Still i had Fun doing all these+ Story quests.

But now my real Feedback.

  1. 14-Days item here and there and everywhere.
    I had a bunch full of Admin Mails with alot Items, probally Compensations etc from my Offline Time.
    Alot of Stuff i didnt even know what to do with them. So i redeemed alot of them.
    Just to realize, theres a lot stuff, which is just based for Endgame.
    Daily-Login rewards, event rewards, all Endgame stuff, $$$-Cube Rewards (got still alot TP) 14day here and there and more and more.
    Just to see timers ticking down into Item deletion.
    What is this Crazyness?? Why must there Timers on everything? Why i cant just not save the item when i need it? What is a “Reward” which expires? Its no reward at all.
  2. Beginner/Returner Friendly??
    Not at all. I wasnt able to do a single Dungeon, noone ever Queues UP for lower Dungeons.
    Sitting 1 Hour in Town, asking in Chat, noone Queues up.
    Same for the new Missions things, where you can Queue up.
    I have dozens of Dungeon Reward Tokens thingis, guess what, they all Expired Unused Hooray 14-Days.
    I feel i remember there was Once a Cross-Server Dungeon Queue System. Ever Thought about bringing that back? (if there was one, perhaps there was never one, but then implement one :D)
    This is a Great game, but your Solution to the System ist, Give them OP Weapons/Gear (Rookie event Box), tons of EXP+ Bonus in every Corner, and Hope they get Fast Maxlevel. But thats just Skipping the Great Story? Thats not an Solution.
  3. Gear and RNG.
    What??? Really, what is that, Enchanting, Enhancing, Cards, Gems, Awaken++++++, how Should anyone new to this Game, and even me as Returner, get all used to this? Spend to much time on Youtube guides, to get a Small Idea what to do. Most ist just RNG Ranting.
    And its really useless, to do ANYTHING of all That Prior to Maxlevel and Raid/Tower (or so) Equipment. Hence more 14-days Stuff, like Golden Anvils etc , which just Expire.
    When my Returner Equipment was about to Expire, i just try to Enhance a Staff, alot Silver Later i ended up +6 i think. And i was sooo Weak with it. And this Weapon was in my Level Range, fighting My Level Mobs. Did even Awake it. All that Stuff which is Cheap enough to waste it on a Weapon i wear only for a Few Levels.
    Now some weeks i “returned” again for some Events, got new Returner Equipment and be OP for a While. But i fear the time they Get to Low or Expire…
  4. War against Bots and RMT
    This is reallllly a Problem. Since beginning, it just feels, that game is not for us, the Players, its a Game for you Devs to Fight against Bots and RMT.
    All that Market Drama, all that Market and Trade Restricions, etc etc etc. All introduced in the First Weeks of the Game.
    Nothing has Changed till today.
    Recent Silver Exploit, new Drama.
    This Fight was to say it, 1 of many Reasons(but most was private reasons, not all games fault), i stopped years ago.
    And now, there is still PPL getting Punished , because “There are Bots”.
    Like the Popo Coin Event thing.
    Need to be online 31days for 24/7. Just to get 15k Points. And reasons? “There are bots”.
    And now? Bots can 24/7 for 31days. Many users Cant or dont want. Bots on a Huge Botnetwork, dont care about much Electricity Cost, Legit Players Care.
    And i want to use my PC for anything else, then have to have run a Game Client, just for AFKing 24/7…
  5. Bugs
    2-3 Years Later, and theres Still these Bugs like cant talk to NPCs/Object with Mouse, and have to Change to Keyboard to use Space…
    And i experienced alot Bugs, that exists since Birth of this Game. And new Bugs OFC.
    Please invest time in Fixing. Really…

I got 2 free Premium tokens, and have a bunch of EXP scrolls, if i get time i try to reach Maxlevel the next Weeks.
But im not Sure, if i really can find the Fun i need, to stay for a longer time.

I even referred a Friend. (without a bonus, if there even one exist,idc i just did know he love this kind of game, like i do). But regret it a bit. And just see him log in like once a day for “log in Calender” thingy…already…

Hope my Feedback is it worth for just some little change.
And really Appreciate if you have some Advice for me, to find the Fun in the Game :slight_smile:

Good Day


1- image

2- I try helping out low level players when I can but sadly I don’t do dungeons cause of restrictions and stuff…

3- Patience, like we all did… don’t take it all in, just let things flow naturally… I think at a time and let the rest die, they will be back later…

4- ______ many misunderstandings…

5-it is sad that bugs go and come back so frequently, they are always hare to get rid of forever…


The story quest was fun until you realize people don’t get better equipment from it.




… and by completing the last quest in Astral Tower 12F I got some bracers that were better than the Archmage Bangles I had till then and that took me forever to scum the mats for and craft. :open_mouth:

But yes, last item I got from a quest was around level 170 (the Roxona arc) and most of the guaranteed stuff is crapola.

Welcome to the world of perishable goods. We’re currently flooded with these and unless it’s an “instant consumable” it ends up discarded like those stupid 14 days golden anvils.

Some BS. What’s the point of rushing to endgame in a day if it’s just to do dailies and nothing else? I’m sure just giving a “beginner/returner” 30 days token would be enough… People should PLAY the game, not simply get endless leveling up items to play the game for them. The early game is easy enough without that…

Yes this suxx. Unless you have unlimited funds and patience…

There would be simple fixes here (quest-based advancement, market price enforcement…) but it’s easier to feed bots/RMTers with more stuff instead…

Alas poor Yorik :frowning:
And it’s getting worse with each patch. No bugs fixed and new bugs appearing… when it’s not old bugs reappearing.


I think the 14 days items are a strategy to push people to play. Some people don’t want them to go to waste so they will force themselves to play.


that is exactly why they exist indeed…

but sadly not everyone can play when they want to :frowning:


Over the span of 14 days?


yes over the spawn of 14 days… shit happens…

also, golden anvils…

I would be 100% ok if expirable items were fully tradeable, so I go in, share them around and boom no more stress…


Another feedback from a returner, please stop treating your players like a currency to trade and numbers to keep up. We are your customers. We come at our convenience and expect things that cater to our needs. Some people might enjoy your costume things or they might enjoy PvP in a dying competition, and truly those people will stick anyway.

If you think these “Returner Rewards” are a way to appreciate your customers, then don’t turn it into a mean to force them to stay. Instead of focusing on how to keep the number high, you should focus on giving the best service possible, which entails to fixing bugs once and for all, implementing anti-bot system that actually deters bot and doesn’t hurt the actual players (and I don’t mean native anti-malware programs), implementing QoL improvements, and maybe shut down that Indonesian sham of a server that prevents me from connecting to the rest of the world without VPN.