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Feedback about the Announced Changes on the Theme of "Common Classes"

Here is a piece of feedback.
I liked the changes to Thaumaturge. They look cool AF. And, as a lover of Chronomancer’s theme, I want Chrono to be good and fun, with more than 2 skills to use, please and thank you.
Thanks to Bong, we can see the general looks and CDs of the classes that were recently changed. The damage/cooldowns may not be the very best, but that can be solved given enough time.

The same patch says Thaumaturge, Linker, Pied Piper, Appraiser, Rangda and Enchanter are meant to work in Magic damage builds. Fine. But magic damage right now, in-game, has the property system, which basically defines how the entire build’s theme+bonuses work (introduced in the last big patch released here on iTOS). And “property-less” is not the same as “non-property” in this reality.

The translation may not help, but for example there is no sign of Enchanter’s skill, when used with Taoist or Elementalist in the same build, will be Lightning, Ice or Fire property. The same can be said about all others.

I would suggest to make attributes (low cost, please) that change the property of the damage skills when combined with each group of classes. Change to Fire, Lightning and Ice when paired with Taoist and/or Elementalist, for example. This system already exists. Teleport (Wizard) has an attribute that makes it 2 OH when Psychokino is on the build.

This is kinda advantageous for Dark Wizards (dark property) and DPS Magic Clerics (Holy property), but maybe this means little?
(re posting this here to get more visibility)