[Fedimian] Insanity is recruiting



We - the members of Insanity- are looking for more active players (maybe you?) to welcome in our community.

Most of our members have highlevel characters for the endgame content. This is one of the reasons why we would like to recruit some new members for all the highlevel/ endgame content like GvG, ET, Guildevents, Worldbosses, etc. But due to the fact that we now have a lot more space in the guild we are also recruiting players with lower levels, as long as they are active.

:boom:About Us::boom:

First of all we chose Insanity as the guildname, so don’t expect a serious bunch of suits, you get what you see.

I think one of the best things about our guild is that we have a lot of different players, but there is no one without an important role/ place in the guild. For example:

Baronos She’s the one to blame for everything and master of time (Hopefully you never figure out what a “Ninute” is) :wink:

Approved He is the new human sacrifice and a die hart (pun intended) quest guy. He is also known as the guildmonkey, a title he really deserves.

ElinHime Is one of the guild artists and a huge pie lover, but not those weird Shepard Pie things, cause in her world pie has to be sweet

Maadoshi If u have a bad day, just wait for him to drop a plunger or get a crappy match in PvP… the discord rage is real :smiley:

ANIK what to say about ANIK… his job is to be ANIK, BigMamas personal bully victim and madly in love with Raktor :male_couplekiss:

Kaylee She is the guildmaster, also known as Big Mama, her task is to bully her children and remember them to do important stuff (like donating talt and guildmissions and not to die)

To sum it up, we have people who do a great job in organizing ET Parties, managing our Discord, crafting SP/HP Pots for the guild, organizing and planning small guild intern events as well as players who are up for guild missions to supply Hamster eggs.

:boom: Stuff that we do on regular basis: :boom:

  • Leveling/ Questing together
  • ET runs
  • Worldbosses
  • PvP
  • Guild missions (We are finally able to do the Practo Guildmission)
  • GvG (as soon as there is GvG again)
The first Glasses from the Otherworld... KRMG is the proud owner



:boom: What we are lo_oking for: :boom:

We want people who fit in and can pull their own weight in our 99% drama free guild. The drama free part shall not be changed or the guildleader will morph into a rabid duckling.

We are also very active when it comes to PvP and GvG, so if you want to join for GvG matches make sure that you have a GvG viable character. Atm we have a lot of players who want to do GvG as soon as is back again, so you don’t have to be interested in doing PvP content =)

So if you want to become a part of our guild, this is what we are looking for:

  • You need to be able to use Discord, you don’t have to talk, except if you want to participate in GvG regularly, then you should have a mic and be able to talk.
  • We are also looking forward to finally reach Guildlevel 14, to do so we need every guildmember to donate some Talts. It is not mandatory but the amount of your donations will show if and when u get the practo recipe, when we reach guildlevel 14.
  • Interested in endgame content
  • Active player
  • Able to support the guild (Guildmissions, GvG, etc.)
  • Have at least one endgame capable char
  • Don’t cheat, scam or be a total moron
  • Social Person
  • No constant childish behavior
  • Knowledge about your character and the mechanics of the game


:boom: How to apply: :boom:

Fill out the following survey and send it to me, you can do that here in the Forum, via PM or in our recruitment Discord. The link to that Discord Server is https://discord.gg/Sj9ZVH6



Maincharacter (Level/Build):

Alts (Level/Build):


Interested in (PvP, PvE, etc):


:fireworks:**_We are looking forward to your application_**:fireworks:

Guild List Fedimian server (in game)

I would be interested in joining if it helps Maadoshi getting more plunger from saalus.

I’m still hesitating. Although getting a Hamster would be nice :>


Everything is needed if it helps bringing Maadoshi to do a voicechat rage xD


are you guys still recruiting? ive applied through private message but has yet to get a replay.


We are still recruting, and welcome to the guild!


are u guys still recruiting ?
i also applied i sent prvate message to kaylee


We are still looking for good active people.
Kaylee is afk atm, but she will respond as soon as she is back.

Guild List Fedimian server (in game) update

Kaylee is not afk she was batteling a mean case of flue :smiley: I would never do something like afking… Im not like Fenatte xD

Guild List Fedimian server (in game) update

GvG only oriented especially welcome :smiley:
Lessons, practice, discussions, cookies, anything you dreamed about :smiley:


We have hamsters and artists as well!

And if you are an artist that needs someone to make you stop procrastinating and get that drawing finished for the deadline, we got that too.


Teamname: Janu

Age: 26

Maincharacter (Level/Build): 30(still growing), going for Fletcher build

Alts (Level/Build): none maybe later a templar or something tankish

Microphone: YEEESH

Interested in (PvP, PvE, etc): interested in all!! :smiley:

Goals: Main thing is having a nice and friendly guild maybe after i can put more goals in to it :wink:


Welcome too the guild, new people!


Teamname: Daelithe

Age: 22

Maincharacter (Level/Build): 183 Wizzard3-Linker1-Sorcere2-('i’m going necro1et sage after)

Alts (Level/Build): 146 Sw1-P-1-H3(i have no idea what to do after)

Microphone: Yep, but I’m not a native English talker so I will mostly listen and write

Interested in (PvP, PvE, etc): Both pve and pvp , but I like to do pve first and after pvp (in the meaning of liking)

Goals: Having fun doing all the content of the game

I will mostly play on daytime. I like to play with friends on nighttime.
thx for reading


Hey just message me ingame=)


Teamname: Lalgak

Age: 27

Maincharacter (Level/Build): lvl 146 A2>Q3 (apprently falconer 3 is what i’m supposed to go after that so yeah)

Alts (Level/Build): 93 priest and a 110ish hoplite (hoping for a dragoon)

Microphone: Yup, got it, but english isn’t my native language.

Interested in (PvP, PvE, etc): Mostly PvE as i suspect my build isn’t the best for PvP.

Goals: To find out if the Marble Grand Cross is real or not :stuck_out_tongue:


We also have some really great artists in this guild.
Our discords creative-stuff ch got alot of the good stuff, and some white popolions (thanks Fen)


Teamname: Dreklore

Age: 30

Maincharacter (Level/Build): http://www.tosbase.com/tools/skill-simulator/build/5nsxt7u95o/ currently lv 132

Alts (Level/Build): there all over the place I’m planning to remake them all at some point

Microphone: yes but shy

Interested in (PvP, PvE, etc): both

Goals: to be a valuable team player


So just bumping the thread again =)

We have some open slots now due to people quitting the game. So if u are interested just pm me ingame or send me a message here.


Teamname: RPG

Age: 25

Maincharacter (Level/Build): Level 250 (was level 240 yesterday night and should be higher by tonight :grin:) Build is Swordsman / Highlander / Barb x3 / Doppel x2

Alts (Level/Build): Highest is a Lv 25 Wizard… I haven’t decided what I’m gonna make my alts or when

Microphone: Yes but I have to be sneaky because my family will hunt me if they find out my game addiction has returned

Interested in (PvP, PvE, etc): PvE but I don’t mind PvPing… I always use a PvE build though because it’s why I enjoy MMOs

Goals: To have fun with a bunch of other people and have fun people to talk to when I go online


Hello :slight_smile:

My name is Fernando and I want to apply to Insanity.

I’m Ok with all the requirements except for the endgame capable char. I started to play the first day I made a 143lvl Dievdirbys but I got bored because there were no comunity enough at Fedimian.

I want to try it again, ToS is such an amazing game and Insanity seems to be a friendly guild.

Teamname: ferdifu88

Age: 28

Maincharacter (Level/Build): 143 (Clericx2, priestx2 and Dievdirbys)

Alts (Level/Build):

Microphone: Yas!!!

Interested in (PvP, PvE, etc): PvE and farm a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

Goals: have fun (it’s a game) and see what the game can offer at the last levels.