[Fedimian] Insanity is recruiting






Maincharacter (Level/Build):
I love theory crafting and even if some builds are considered the “best” i almost allways want to think that there is another way. Currently i play cryo/sorc at level ~135

Alts (Level/Build):
Crosair 130, paladin 105.


Interested in (PvP, PvE, etc):

Group play. PvE and PvP . I really enjoy group play and my ideal gameplay is to have a role to fill, lets say controller, healing support, damage dealer and just fit in to a given group.
Crazy comps often require more than a solo hero!



I was a little bit caught up in RL so i couldnt play that much during the last weeks.

With the Patch tomorrow we finally have space again to recruit new members. So if u are interested yu can apply again =)



Let’s wait until tomorrow. Who is the more active in guild allowed to invite people? :slight_smile:

I play a lot this days I increse almost 60 lvls ^^


https://discord.gg/Sj9ZVH6 thats our recruitment discord channel just go there its easier for me to see everything :smiley:


itty bitty kitty bump


Still got a few spots left.


Insanity is filling up, but we still have slots available for the right people.

Please note requirements in the first post - we are especially interested in peeps who have some experience and at least one endgame capable char, who are able to get organised and support guild activities.

We look forward to seeing you :smiley_cat:


Teamname: Zantetsukem

Age: 32

Main: sword3/hl1/barb1/doppel3 lvl 320

Alts: Currently working on wiz/linker/thaum/ff for item farming lvl 230
also working on wiz3/ele3/warlock2 as my new main (doppel got boring fast) currently lvl 125
When both are on acceptable lvls ill go for a murmillo pvp build

Microphone: yes but due to living arrengements not usuable (should change really soon i hope)

Intrested: PvP GvG and PvE

Goals: Having Fun after long days of working


Not sure why this has not been posted in here jet:


We still have some spots left in the guild, so if you are interested just join our recruitment Discord (https://discord.gg/Sj9ZVH6), post here, or p me ingame or via the forum.

Please be aware that we have a rabid KRMG running lose in the guild… just a fair warning :smiley:


Come join us!