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Fedimian Bot - BKNG Scoorp

  • Server : Fedimian

  • Team Name : BKNG & Scoorp

  • Location : Auto CM

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 9.20am

Now IMC tell me is your in game bot reporting working? Report this 2 since last week and they are still here this week and even improved their bot program. If you need video evidence, give me your email, I can gave you tons of it.

@GM_Francis @GM_Sebastian

I’m here to say the same. These 2 have been multi macro/afk dungeon/botting in cm for years and nothing has been done much to these. There are bot reports for these before.

I can confirm these accounts are weird and act like they’re programmed

Just a question: Why do you black out the names in the party but leave them open on the screen? It just looks weird.

It looks as if PamHam,LeGume,Koala,Theravada and BerserkBeast have something to hide/lose by being part of this report…

I play in Fedimian server and I can confirm those 2 accounts have been botting for days.

BKNG and Scoorp are the same person botting all day in CM. We all have videos and proof. We are tired. They force us to move all the time to not make them earn money.

Just to protect the privacy of others, not everyone want their name shown. But I failed, as I forgot to black out names on the characters.

Sorry to the guys in the party.

Here to say the same. This is becoming a huge problem and making Auto CM unplayable. People are dodging once inside to avoid helping the bots. These guys need to be dealt with quickly.

Ah yeah… the BKNG/Scoorp duo. In fact these are not bots, but simply one guy playing two accounts on two different computers. If you pay attention, they are never in the same CM and the guy behind the accounts actually plays them (at least as far as I can tell, maybe this changed recently).

They are bots 100% cause when all the party move to the left side of the map, after a few seconds, the bot follows you.
Then if the party comes back to the right side of the map the bot gets bugged and stays in the middle of the map doing NOTHING every single time!!!

Please, let’s not defend the indefensible.

He guys after 2 years or maybe even 3 you come up with this? Lmao.
You guys have left him botting for years, eh.
He got an archstone recently or why it took so long for you guys to finally make a topic ?
I’m not defending him, you can see that I have mentioned him in past already. But IMC do not care about this situation or even you iTOS

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