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Featherfoot skill build

Since the annihilation of my favorite class is on the way, I’ve decided to replace Bokor by Featherfoot for my Warlock build. Since I still got a skill/attribute potion combo left, I’ve decided to toy a little with the class yesterday before setting up with a definitive build.

First, I’ve looked at this guide to roughly allocate my points: Re:Build Guide To All Wizard Classes (Post EP11). So I’ve come with a first draft that follows that guide:

  • Blood Bath (1/15): 30s CD healing skill – puts Bleeding debuff on enemies
  • Blood Sucking (1/15): 50s CD healing skill (channeled)

Both amazing self-heal skills. One point seems enough, since you don’t have many spare points with the class and skill level only increases the damage. The only drawback is restriction on mob class (beast/devil/insect), which makes hard to trigger on low hp mobs since you’d have to put Curse on them without actually killing them with your skills.

  • Bone Pointing (1/15): little summon that deals constant damage – puts Hexing on enemies

Again you don’t have spare points for this, it’s just extra static damage. It also aggros mobs.

  • Ngadhundi (6/15): 20s CD skill with 5 OH that deals massive damage – puts Corruption on enemies

I’ve put all my spares here. Looking at the guide, it says it was 1 OH before with low damage, but that’s not the case anymore. Maxing this would double the SFR with a base 2700% x 5 every 20s. I’m really considering maxing this instead of the next skills.

  • Kurdaitcha (10/10): 15s CD channeling skill that deals 100% uptime damage – puts Curse on enemies

A great skill but that doesn’t scale that well compared to others. I’m tempted to remove some points for Ngadhundi instead and just keep the skill for the debuff and extra DoT.

  • Kundela Slash (10/10): 20s CD damage skill that deals 100% extra damage to cursed enemies and hits 3 times if the enemy has 3 debuffs on it

Damage isn’t that great per se, so you need to put 3 debuffs to really get any output from the skill. Plus the SFR starts very low, so unfortunately you need to invest a lot of points to be worth it.

  • Levitation (1/1): 50% uptime skill that prevents melee damage, increase your own damage by 30% (attribute) and allows to use Blood Curse

This means you’ll spend half your time in the air.

  • Blood Curse (10/10): HUGE sfr skill that annihilates everything around you and puts Curse by Blood debuff on everything that managed to survive the blast – only available in Levitation mode

Only drawback is the HP drain (40% or 60%), so better have Blood Bath/Sucking ready to regen the lost HPs. Otherwise it’s a huge nuke button.

  • Enervation (5/5): 100% uptime skill that puts Curse on enemies and changes damage dealt (for example: basic attacks) to using the sfr of the skill

Tha my friends are 9 skills that need to be included in the character build that already has 16 skills from Wizard + Sorcerer + Warlock. So yeah, my quickslot bar is more than full…

After some testing, I think I’ll change skill repartition to max Ngadhundi (15/15) and leave Kurdaitcha at 1/10, because it’s the only skill that doesn’t scale with level that much.

Now about skill rotation… this is a tough one to pull out. The easy part is to start with summoning (main summon + salamion + bone pointing + invocation + dark theurge). Enervation next to put Curse on enemies – what will not die from the skill will take 50% more damage from Warlock skills, will be available for blood drain and have one debuff for Kundela Slash. Then Levitation next I suppose – while in the air, use Warlock skills (PoA, Mastema, Demon Scratch, Ghastly Trail + Evil Sacrifice), then use Blood Curse just before the levitation ends followed by either Blood Bath or Blood Sucking to regain the lost HPs. Then I suppose finishing off with Kurdaitcha + Ngadhundi + Kundela Slash. Sounds like some skills won’t be used that often…

Hope I do this well, please feel free to correct me if you see a huge mistake in the build – my reset potions expire in 4 days, I need to make my mind quickly :wink:

Hi, I’m the one who made the guide. Was thinking if I should update it for ARTS but couldn’t find the time to do so, maybe in the future?

Anyways, I personally play Warlock - Featherfoot - Onmyoji. From my experience with this build, I can say that you will not have time to really spam Kundela Slash or Ngadhundi. The skill is good with high overheat, but because of the casting time, you won’t really get the luxury to use all overheat. Most of the time for me I’m spamming my spirits after Sabbath which is 10 cd, and other Onmyoji skills which all have pretty short CD. I don’t find myself even getting the chance to even use Ngadhundi more than once and I don’t add Kundela Slash at all. Spamming my short CD AOE + spirits is better for me.

Hence, I decided to invest all my points into Blood Bath instead. It is a medium CD DOT skill which I use mainly for bosses. Just cast and let the damage slowly tick away. Heck I don’t even have time to use Kurdaitcha. For Blood Curse, I usually have my Onmyoji skills ready such as Toyou/Greenwood Shikigami to recover my HP, so I don’t need to depend on Blood Sucking for it. Blood Curse lets you heal HP when you attack the enemies afflicted by the debuff.

This is a video of another korean player that I got my inspiration for my build from

If you use Sorcerer, you could probably have time to use Ngadhundi/Kundela slash since Riding is automatic with ARTS. But since I use Onmyoji, I barely got the luxury to do it because my other Onmyoji skills have better damage and better AOE.