Tree of Savior

Farming/support build


Hi guys! I’ve looking for a farming build that could also double down as a viable party member for end game content (probably as a support). I’ve narrowed it down to three options, what do you think of them?

1)Wiz 2 - Linker 2 - Thauma 3 - Shadowmancer 3
2) Wiz 2 - Linker 3 -Thauma 3 - RC + something?
3) Wiz 1 - Pyro 1 - Linker 2 - Thauma 3 - Enchanter 3

There is also the possibility of dropping Linker 2 for Sorc 1 on build ‘1)’ and to drop Pyro 1 for Wiz 2 on build ‘3)’. Any suggestions? Cheers!


I personally like the #2 build. But, not to pop your bubble… Have you read the upcoming big update? The re:build? If not, here is the link:



Starting a farming build at this point would be a waste of time, since probably in a month or two you will have to completely rework your build. Just wait for the big update.


Not necessarily. Who really knows the exact date of the re:build update will hit here in iToS? I personally think that it’s better for players to level up their characters now before the update. So they can experiment builds they want.