Farming build thread


Making a thread for all the Thaum/Linker farmers out there to talk about the nuances of farming builds, how to go about playing them, and to share tips and tricks to make the process easier.


With the transferal of Thaumaturge and Linker to the scout tree, we lose access to some of the sustain and control that Wizard classes gave us and instead trade it off for stealth and mobility. No longer can farming builds stay forever in one place until they run out of inventory space, as the new SP costs and enemy mechanics ensure that you’re going to take a few knicks and be drinking SP pots like water.

However, the farming core of Linker and Thaumaturge themselves were given some nice quality of life changes overall. Swell Brain is now a massive looting chance increase and the cooldowns of Swell Body, Joint Penalty and Hangman’s Knot are much more normalized, reducing down time significantly. With a decent weapon, Linker’s Electric shock can easily kill linked mobs without further assistance, making the final class choice quite flexible.


A subweapon attack of about 6000 or above is all you need to kill swolen mobs in Baubas cave, along with some decently upgraded attributes on your Electric Shock and kill moves of choice. This can be achieved with a primus dagger or pistol at Transcendence stage 4 and a moderately high upgrade.

For armor, prioritize anything with SP regen, evasion, hit, and SP increase purples.


With the removal of Hangman’s Knot’s old attributes, we now no longer have to worry about doing the kill combo perfectly, as with the old farming builds. You have all the time in the world to set up your combo, which is as follows in most cases:

Joint Penalty > Hangman’s Knot > Swell Body > Jump > reposition > Electric Shock > (Any AoE attack with a decent damage here)

Make sure you have Electric Shock’s defense-stripping attribute.

Stronger classes such as Assassin or Bullet Marker with their high AoE attacks may not need to cast Electric Shock at all. With a strong enough weapon, Electric Shock can kill on its own.


You can use Cloaking between combos, but it seems like bonfires won’t work while a character is invisible. It’s still a good idea to try and stand still for a bit to regain some natural SP.

Be wary of linking on insect-type monsters. They have high evasion and resistances, and can often dodge your Joint Penalty, putting it on cooldown.


One thing I learned after trying stuff out is that it’s good to have some accuracy or evasion reduction buffs/skills before you start your link combo. (there’s a lot, like BM’s accuracy buff, Outlaw’s sprinkle sand etc.)

You’re in for a sad 20 second walk of shame if your joint penalty misses lol.


Was it working decently with Corsair as 3rd class for their looting skills? I figure the high hits is an anti-synergy with joint penalty… But maybe they still get enough buttons to pull it off.


There are 3 things I really dislike about the HG post patch.

  1. You can no longer use a quest warp to jump on top of the torches, so no more easy spot to feed gems, or to leech afk people from your guild.

  2. Now that they increased the amount of mobs you can aggro, its kinda hard to swell only the 10 linked mobs… I usually end up swelling 2-3 that arent linked at all

  3. Now that we dont have Sleep anymore, its super hard to complete the “3 pillars” gimmick, takes way too long to insert the crystals…

Everything else is good, specially the new swell brain, that +800 LC is so good.


Right now, Pillaging is broken and doesn’t work. that said I have no problem using my corsair to defeat linked mobs. I just need to make sure I let Electric Shock run for a few ticks and then use Hexen Dropper.

Quick and Dead seems to break the link a bit too fast, unfortunately, but it’s good for finishing off enemies that didn’t die for whatever reason.


On paper 500 Looting Chance sounds great, so much that I picked a Thauma for my Schwarzer Corsair, but to be honest, so far, I haven’t experienced any difference between 0 or 500+ Looting Chance in quality and quantity.


to be fair though if you’re using schwarzer as a farmer, you’re grinding trash that you can already kill with a couple of auto attacks anyway and will benefit from swell hands, so you may as well have the 500+ looting chance.

It’s also more like 800+ looting chance with dex scaling which is about as much as a regular farming character gets with gorkas cards and white gems, so even if the effects aren’t easy to guage it’s still almost double the efficiency of whatever the stat actually offers.


This. I spent 1h farming on a HG and nothing changes. Or this skill os broken like the other on Corsair or Looting Change means nothing in this game. Even trying to farm itens with 2% drop chance cant see any difference on drops.


Honestly it highly depends, as someone who played a lot of MS/RO grinding for stuff like smokie cards it can be damn useful if it doesn’t impact your grind rate, which is the tough part./ I’m not sure how much % LC is supposed to change, but let’s say that you went from 1% droprate to 2% droprate on mobs and you kept your killing rate, this would obviously be amazing and give you roughly twice as much of a chance to get it.
However if your kill rate drops to 50% you obviously got nothing. When you’re linking and getting everything going.

Now the tricky part is that swell body alone gives you double the drop when you get it already, so Loot Chance is just a raw bonus on top of that and as long as you can maintain at least half the kill rate it’s a benefit.

Almost certainly you can pull this off, so in the end even if it doesn’t feel like you’re benefiting, I’m fairly sure if you run the numbers, you will be benefiting it as well.


Also i suggest to don’t equip sissel bracelets, cuz missing JP 3 times in a row feels really bad. :tired:


As I wrote in another post I have quit tos after having farmed the whole ET at R8.

My whole question is pretty simple:

“The big question its what should be the X on scout/thauma/linker, or at least the slops/props on the 4th circle. My goal as a player as always been playing the hardest contest possible and farming the hardest maps. I did the whole grinding for the orange practorium weapons by myself back in the day, to give you the idea of what my playstyle as used to be :slight_smile: even if I love SR I dunno if it should be the best thauma/linker for this task atm!”

Basically looking for the best meta build for Baubas cave and alike. I played as a SR3Rogue1 (max STR and wolverine cards) over the standard SR build of the time. It was fun but I give up on nerfing myself, at least for my main farming char I would like a safe and optimal build call :slight_smile:

so, what should we pair with thauma/linker?


Corsair, if they fix pillaging. This class can easily finish off linked mobs and pillaging will get you extra loot and silver, which would make it the ideal choice, but it’s not working atm.

Other than that I would suggest Outlaw for their high evasion and survival, or SR for its ability to farm trash mobs with auto attacks and move quickly.


The did fix pillaging on kToS, now it will steal silver instead of items…


that’s a bummer, but was it a significant amount of silver?


Prepare to cry.



Well for the time being, pillage has been fixed on itos and will produce silver in hunting grounds, so that’s something.


Guys, can someone help me with Swell Body(SB) mechanics.
Does SB makes Large monsters into Extra Large or they remain Large?


Swell Body works only on Small and Medium monsters. Large mobs are unaffected.


thanks a lot.
20 chars


is linker mandatory for farmer? Was going to SR > Thauma > Enchant, but decided to look for some build first, having linker really looks like i would lose too much damage