Farming build thread


The point of linker-thauma is to gather mobs and connect your attack with join penalty under the swell body buff, so when all mobs die the swell body buff will give you double drops.

As long as you can kill all swelled mobs (mob hp increase) under the duration of swell body buff then it’s OK. (But it’s hard and take time to kill swelled mobs one by one)

IMO it’s easier and faster with a linker.
Join penalty>Hangman’s Knot>Swell body> Kill


Linker thauma works if mob density is ■■■■ because you can double up the value of those mobs.

As soon as you have a lot of mobs the downtime between joint penalty absolutely sucks, and you realize maybe just getting more overall kill power not attached to BP may allow you to actually kill 25 mobs in the time it takes you to recover from killing 10 mobs with enhanced 2x drops.


I droped my thauma bm in the new Hg.
It feels like my Bm>Assa>Enchanter just kills at least 3 times as fast if not faster.


Can’t help but to ask, is BM Assa the new better DPS than BM Cor? Some people I know changed their Cor to Assa. What synergy do BM and Assa have? Is it just for the crit damage and attack speed?


and 50% crit rate.


I use the Dagger skills too.
With lvl 100 enchant on hassias i get 48% more Crit dmg.
With low hp you get even more and with enchanter & Wastrelsword the critrate is just insane.


Sr-Thauma-enchant best farmer build both in cm solo or new HG due to high mobility and awesome aoe spell. Ignore what other tells you. You have the best build.