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FAQ about Brief plans for 2021 Updates - (2)

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We have made an announcement regarding ‘FAQ about Brief plans for 2021 Updates - (2)’.

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IMC Staff

Why didn’t you translate this imc?


Original article:

" Q. The reorganization of the healer has been canceled, but the current healer cannot play Lepidoptera Junction (Solo), Tel Harsha, and Weekly Boss Raid even with the updated gears. Are there any plans for this in the future?​

If there is a team content that is difficult for a Healer, you will be able to clear it with a DPS by a lower cost."

Funnily you can clear Tel Harsha perfectly with a healer using assisters (stage 4), while it’s still a nightmare to do so with a DPS unless you’re already equipped with the total endgame package due to high scaling of hp/defense increase of the boss with stage level. For the other raids, you could do the same (allow assisters), it would work fine.

" Q. Does the answer to the previous question mean “grow a dealer instead since healers cannot play individual contents”?

Yes, this is why we planned the healer class adjustment, but since we’ve changed to character-based casual content, it’s been canceled."

Good thing because it was absurd… I don’t see why you can’t create both a DPS and a healer and play with both. Do the DPS content with a DPS char and use the healer when your party requires one.

" Q. Please consider new users… When creating a new account (Team Lv.1), Kepa dies when hitting 14 times. Then, the level increases and gets attention from a variety of monsters and becomes incapable of combat. Are you aware of this issue?

We’ve got the point that it is extremely difficult to play before learning the first skill. We will take action as soon as possible."

What? The early game is a joke, if you die to a Kepa then go play something else like dressing My Little Pony because clearly MMOs are not for you. The only thing to do in the early game is buff the bosses because it’s absurd do be able to oneshot them with the first skill you learn, and that till level 400 or so… Plus rework the drops, since now you have the guaranteed Kedorian equipment: get rid of unIDed junk below level 400 and just replace useless boss drops/quest rewards by more silver/mercenary badges.

" Q. Do you have a plan to diversify invincible skill, mobile skill by class? There are lots of limits when playing content except for some classes.

It is true that invincibility skill is not fairly distributed among the classes and that its ​usability is high. We will consider it important when working on the Balance Patch."

The only thing to do is remove the stupid wipe mechanisms that require invincibility skills, and remove those skills. Add buff/debuff skills instead.

"Q. Don’t you think every class should be able to evade the pattern with proper invincible skill or mobile skill?

From the future raid, patterns that cannot be evaded without invincible skill won’t appear."

Yes, that’s the right thing to do.

" Q. Please have the Heal Floor back.

We agree that Heal Floor was one of the attractive points Tree of Savior had in the past. However, this method brings a lot of loads even now that many optimizations have been made through 64-bit updates. The concept of Heal Floor will be implemented via new class or class reorganization other than the current Cleric after appropriately optimizing the design."

BUT… But mobs still use that skill :sad:
Please bring it back…

" Q. Please let Unique Ichors be equipped to the Goddess equipments. Why are you throwing away completely fine-working ichors?

Some stats of the current unique weapon stats can have a great impact on the balancing. With many current and future stat balance issues of Vaivora equipment to be dealt with, it is a bit too much for us to consider the unique weapons of the past. We will refer to the new Vaivoras, Arts, skills, etc. in the future for interesting stats that are shameful to be lost."

Agreed here. My wizard has Asio ichor equipped on the trinket for the 20% faster casting time. Forcing to use pointless Vaivora ichor would actually hindering the char, not helping it.

" Q. Do you have any plans to reorganize the Adventure Journal Rewards? Adventure Journal is actually useless at the moment."

And change the companion vouchers from time to time. I don’t need a stupid pig. I’ve some Armadillo vouchers that I can’t exchange because I dont’ have 20 and can’t get more because they’re never coming back… Also the next growth stage is literally called “???”, I wonder what would happen if I ever reach that stage. :haha:

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That’s a really reasonable and responsible decision, well done.

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Which raid require i frame these day? Beside giltine which I’m not sure of all mechanic, lepi, ww and tel harsha don’t require any i frame at all if people bother to learn all the gimmick.

fyi you need dash when doing moring solo swap and sm can use pool when there’s curse :\

can just drink retribution potion before swap (the yellow potion that reduces damage from insect, forgot the exact name)…

“can” not must. My party don’t even have shadowmancer and we just do it the way they intended

moring solo.

and @soft yea you can eat that and survive if you’re well geared, but not everyone can do that.

As I said before, there’s no reason not to implement Homonculus now with Assistors being in the game.

If it’s too much work, simply turn Alchemist into a support class for Summoners and Assistors.

Q. Field, one of the most attractive points of TOS, is still dead. What do you think of silver and item drop on the field?
It is hard to provide silver in the normal field which has low difficulty. Thus, we are going to increase the usage of Badge Boost items, Seasoned Coins, and Mercenary Badge Shop in order to invigorate the field content. Also, contents related to learning a new class or achieving items required for a certain mission might take place in the field.

meh. nobody care about those current lousy drop from field except for events or res sacrae. the mobs are also boring to fight.

Q. Why on earth aren’t you raising the compensation for the existing collections?
Raising collection rewards means that this can become a meaningful stat to collect and it may be considered a must-to-do requirement when raising a character. However, the current collection list, drop rate, spawn cycle of field monster, and combat ability are not of the quality to handle this change.
We might be able to consider the reorganization in the future after confirming that the current road map is working as intended and that there’s no need for an additional big reorganization.

yeah let it be meaningless. a-must-to-do in many eyes are motivation to actually collect it and add explorative/hunt value in game. theres no need blablabla? you just sound lazy and safe urself from some simple yet manageable effort

Q. Will Alchemist Homunculus return?
We will look into the skills that have been deleted in the past. At the time, there were many gaps in the planning, making it difficult to raise the degree of completion. Thus, it was deleted by choice and concentration.

you guys just being clueless arent you. alchemist always been in so many people request-to-fix bracket because kims game predecessor alchemist was so cool, yet you barely touch it.

theres so much more answer that so hilarious to me, but like you dev, im just too lazy.

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If you want to do harsha faster than 3 minute, you MUST have iframe.

Btw, for moring swap, just press CAPS LOCK after swap, you will be safe.

Q. Why on earth aren’t you raising the compensation for the existing collections?

Raising collection rewards means that this can become a meaningful stat to collect and it may be considered a must-to-do requirement when raising a character. However, the current collection list, drop rate, spawn cycle of field monster, and combat ability are not of the quality to handle this change.

We might be able to consider the reorganization in the future after confirming that the current road map is working as intended and that there’s no need for an additional big reorganization.

I don’t care about Collections reward, but just want to highlight how hilarious the bolded part is. Face it, game is already 5.5 years old in ktos, but it has constantly been going through big reorganization with no signs of stopping. Game is still in beta and forever will be; why would things suddenly be different after 5.5 years?

It’s strange how they can claim the few tiles every 20 seconds were more taxing on the system than shooting dozens of dark balls all over the screen with corruption Heal.

Bringing back the old heal via attribute should not be a problem as long as it has 20 seconds cool down and less tiles than before (34 tiles were possible before, having about 10 should be more than ok, at least if they are still planning to change the internet protocol).

If you want to do something about taxing skills, Merkabah is the one to go to.

I believe putting 4 assisters on all solo content should be enabled regardless of class.
The time a full DPS build can shave off this way is negligible, but it would help lots of classes that are forgotten/untouched by IMC since a long time/forever.

Also, speaking of Tel Harsha, healer builds can actually clear it faster than most DPS builds with the right build and equipment, which is strange. That Priest-Druid-Kabbalist build was defeating the guy within 1 minute and 15 seconds.
I don’t understand why this build can beat the guy so easily in 1/8 of the time that I need with 7.5k average attack less than me.
The problem is not the healer, the problem is that the balance of TOS is garbage.

The developers just have to do one single thing: stopping to put high HP and high defense on everything. Just put high attack instead so taking hits is more dangerous, and tune down DPS of top dealer classes accordingly (IMC must know the strongest classes by know, they have about a year of the top class builds from WBR and lots of months of JSR across multiple TOS instances with several thousands of players doing multiple runs every week, it cannot be that hard).

If worst comes to worst, putting a hard attack status cap on solo content (something like the infamous 22000 attack from the returning/new savior buff scroll) can help generating a difficulty curve that everyone can live with.
After all, everyone should be able to clear solo content solo regardless of build within a time that is fast enough to keep the content fun and engaging. There is no point making it extremely hard for some builds that take several minutes to clear while others still take less than a minute.

No, it is not absurd. You remember that according to the main quest, the character is still the savior,right? What is absurd is the notion you have to retire the savior to bring out some extra dude to deal with a non-cannon monster.

Just by following what I wrote above, hard capping the attack stat to a low number (the value you get from free equipment from the episode rewards) on solo content and then balancing accordingly could easily get rid of the “I cannot clear the content”-notion.

If I got that correctly, someone was crying about the auto-AoE when leveling up, that attracts all the enemies around the player. In the beginner areas,there quite a few of these.
I must say that the guy in question is over-reacting,though. In Ragnarok Online for example, if you had 1 VIT, even a single Poring could end you at level 1. The Korean kids today are being too pampered, how can a “monster” not be dangerous,even if it swarms you?

Yes, that’s the problem. Putting more stupid mechanics to survive wipes which are biased against users without movement speed/mobility skills (for example Tel Harshas nuke) will just shift the problem from “no access to invincibility skill” to “no access to mobility skill”.
TOS is not a puzzle game. Having to move to certain locations at fixed intervals is just making the content artificially longer.

It’s another proof that the developers are too lazy to balance their content.
I see no problem in trading potentially good stats on vaivora vs good effects + bad stats on lvl 400 and below ichors.
They wrote about

But they didn’t even make a new art for every single class yet. In fact, they didn’t even complete the armor type arts per class before. This means we will get another system that is highly likely to be aborted in its early stages.
I will wait and see, if it is possible tio equip 6 goddess + 2 legenda items, I will forsake some attack in favor of the additional ichors. I don’t need 4 vaivoras,what I need are weapon ichors that actually support my main classes/my characters play style.

If IMC wants me to rely on another promised set of hand outs (like those plate armor mastery arts for physical Cleric classes that they never made) I rather delete all my characters + my team and move on.

This ■■■■ sounds so ■■■■■■■ stupid just abandon this ■■■■■■■ game already and make ToS 2. It will be SIX years since the game released in Korea and you’re still trying to “”"""""""""""""""""""""“fix”"""""""""""""""""""""" this ■■■■■■■ game.

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Because its related to hosting a live QnA stream internationally difficulties, and not general feedback.

tldr - this and that is difficult to do so we bastardized the design to whichever easy for us to make.

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dont forget the cheaper part

Q. Why is the release cycle of Hairstyle so long?

Unlike other parts, hair in Tree of Savior is implemented in 2D, so it requires a lot of movements and motion which takes a long time to develop.

Lol, Just Lol.

But they have time to make tons of costumes for TP.

This is In game buying too. ( Hair Fashion)

its good that they become transparent but then they cant hide it anymore that many of their decisions are ridiculous. i would say some of em are dumb because its the contrary of what majority true-fans player would hope