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FAQ about Brief Plans for 2021 Update

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘FAQ about Brief Plans for 2021 Update’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

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So what about gems that are only for weapon/subweapon ? Are they still limited to weapon only or also get the same treatment as the others ?

since goddess weapons can no longer accept skill gems, they are part of that balance and will be open for any armor part instead

There’s a bunch of questionable things on the support reorganization logic.

1 - Thaumaturge/Enchanter/Corsair is NOT a pure support build. Corsair is an offensive class with one really powerful party buff that is further enhanced by the attached class interactions. It isn’t reasonable to call it a support class when 1 out of 9 skills is a party buff (and other 2 skills are self buffs). The previously mentioned build (on 2021 plans) Priest-Oracle-Dievdirbys is indeed a pure support build.

2 - Dedicated support builds don’t prioritize damage stats. A pure support build role is to increase the effectiveness of the party by sacrificing its offensive capabilities, as such their equipment goals is to increase the support effectiveness and its own survivability.

3 - Most of support classes have little to none offensive skills. It’s very unlikely for a support build it to hit 70~80% of a pure DPS damage without access to advancement classes offensive skills (also the previous point), not to mention other elements such as hitbox size, overheats and rotation cycle. It would be reasonable for that to happen in certain cases like an offensive class having a powerful support skill (such as Corsair), or an offensive class that has a full self contained rotation (like Schwarzer Reiter), or even a support class with access to heavy damage skills.

4 - Support skills don’t operate all in the same way. There are support skills that are applied on terrain, others that are applied on enemies (as debuffs) and some have downtime, providing power spikes for the party instead of a consistent damage boost (good against bosses, bad against weaker enemies). A significant amount of support skills are outside the offensive sphere as well, not even being indirect damage boosts like cooldown reduction. Defensive skills don’t contribute to the damage boost of a party (aside exceptional cases where it prevents party members from dying) and so is the case with neutral utility such as looting chance and SP cost reduction.

5 - It’s not possible to stack identical support skills. This fact is partially acknowledged in the post but it’s still important to remind as it reduces the party power in queue content when the same support class appears multiple times. It is different for pre-made party content but these are still subject to the previous points.

6 - Multiplication output is proportional to the input values. In the hypothetical scenario of a full support party, all the party members have the maximum DPS capability available, which is unlikely for it to happen for all the points stated so far. It just takes one or two party members to have a lower input to reduce the party total damage output. A good example of a pure support build is Priest-Oracle-Dievdirbys which would never hit a damage input half as high as the mentioned in the examples (maybe borderline 0) and greatly reduce the party damage output.

It just sounds like the whole basis of the change is built upon the exceptions…


“Depending on the level of Res Sacrae, the DPS gap is so severe that it determines whether the top raids are cleared or not”


“The effect of Goddess Magenta Gem is very strong with Attack +4000 per level…”

Huh? Mine says +1000 and I can ensure than +1000 makes no difference at all (using weapon maintenance gives more than that) especially for a minute or so…

“The calculation is based on the condition that all party members are equipped with Lv.12 Crown of Thorns and Lv.6 Goddess Magenta Res Sacrae Gem.”

Someone can tell me how many BG you need to sacrifice to reach level 12?

“monsters had a very high Defense in preparation to the “to be increased ATK””

So you suppose everyone has a level 12 RS to do RS dungeon? That’s next level thinking!

“Classes that possess skills limited to healing, enhancing, or protecting party members like the current Healer class, it is difficult to be equally accepted in all content as in other DPS classes.”

Why? It’s the base of any RPG… you have DPS classes, healers, supports…

“In particular, the users that failed to get a Healer for party-only content, such as Dimensional Collapse Point and Legend Raid other than Auto Match, fell behind the competition which led many users to leave the game.”

If so, then there is a major flaw in game design. You don’t find a healer because you don’t encourage people to play one. Why play healer when every mechanics is a wipe requiring classes that have multiple invincibility skills? Instead of trying to rework healer, rework raids so that healer becomes more useful as it is…

“but Healer class will have 70% damage skills compared to normal DPS, and the individual effect of Healing or Party Buff will be reduced”

A healer is a healer, not some weakass DPS with weakass healing capabilities. In that case, just play a full DPS and use potions for healing. This simply removes any usefulness of the whole Cleric tree…

"After the adjustment, silver needed for increasing the corresponding season’s capability will be changed to ‘Token of the Goddess‘ which is a concept of seasonal goods. "

So basically remove silver drops and make every content drop [Event] stuff that will expire after a period? Don’t know what to think about this…

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Do the devs even play this game anymore?

flat NO. They just come in with cheat sheet of mechanic and use overpowered item then declare the result base partially on their performance. I said partially since they’ll always use the excuse of playerbase have better gear/training/composition than us to push whatever shitty raid out.

They admitted in another dev blog that they only played giltine raid once and they haven’t even cleared it. They gave the raid a green light, because the players have more experience and know more about party composition, which means we should be able to clear it. :roll_eyes: That explains why they have to nerf giltine many times and the amount of bugs it had at release.

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There is many different gems.
With different stats (def, attack, other).
In two different quality (legend,goddess).
And they can be leveled up (to lv10)

The best Attack Gem gives 40000 Attack at max Gem Level. Yes 40k, not just 4k.

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Arf ok. I was just considering the placebo you get for free :wink:

A major issue, that equips give so much more attack power than builds, making the huge diversity of classes and combinations meaningless.

Nothing new here. It’s already the case with Glacia/Dysnai, Sauk/Balinta, Karaliene/Luciferie, Boruta Seal… Meanwhile core skills that buff damage for meaningless amounts (10%-20%) are still getting nerfed…

this 2 point you mention enough to make me question, or maybe disgust the idea of common class. if common class is as simple as support classes for all, than what are there for support tree like cleric or scout in dps sector?? SFR buff?? meh

They were cancelled.

It seems like EVERY support class is going to be reworked for that new model, common classes weren’t going to be an exception (as seen with Enchanter and Thaumaturge). So yes, in the end all classes will be DPS, with the only difference being pure DPS classes will get about 50% more damage output in exchange for not having party buffs, which will likely result in “support” classes buffs to be SFR buffs whenever they fall behind.

The game needs more class variety and they keep pushing everything to be DPS.

I’m glad to know that the support classes will have damage, it’s a common sense, because everyone knows the hell of leveling up a full support build, and can’t do anything from ep12 on, making it just a class to collect resources for a dps character that does solo content and is not limited by the build.
I just don’t understand why they won’t remove this horrible ARTS system, and transform it into attributes, that would be much better, let me guess $$$$$
I will be back in 6 months to a year when these updates come to this server, until then, I hope this company learns from its mistakes and improves.

For me it seems strange regarding the notion that they are going to introduce these arcade contents. I wonder if these are just going to be other DPS check contents like before. I hope they drop in some parts where pure DPS builds collapse by getting oneshot or debuff-locked till they die so the support/defensive classes have an edge over DPS classes on any new content released (including goddess raid) so mixed builds will become regular/meta option and full DPS is dead for good.

If they don’t do that, having 30% less DPS will just make them bad choices overall,even if the party would benefit, because invested players will not want to reduce their DPS by going the support route, exchanging one or two of their classes for support.
After all, there is just too much solo content that is on the line, and even with the discounts they are promising, I don’t think many players will want to invest into another character just for supporting a little bit.

It would’ve been better to draw more distinct lines like:

  • no iframes/movement/damage reduction skills for DPS classes (moving Bear,Teleport,Magic Shield,Leap,etc. to green/blue classes or changing the skill effects)
  • no damage buffs for green/blue classes

red classes : damage buffs (damage/crit damage/additional damage)
green classes: stat buffs (including crit/accuracy/block penetration),healing,utility(movement/invisibility)
blue classes: damage reduction, iframes, evasion/block/def buffs

If they did it like this,the new system would have a major impact on build and class composition.
Also, a no-stack policy would be good, so you cannot stack the same buff type 3 times (for example stacking Inquisitors Magic Absorb + Zealots Fanaticism + Druids Lycanthropy physical damage buffs, only Inquisitors 75% would apply as the highest value).
This would help a lot with building diversely rather than just focusing on how you get the most out of a single class (the vaivora problem).

I don’t know about you guys, but the 2021 roadmap Q&A 2 really killed it for me. Only being able to equip vaivora on the new equipment weapons feels wrong and lazy, it shows that the developers are once again giving up on all the work that has been done before.
This makes me think that they are going to give up on all the new contents as well just like they did before, the new Hunting Ground already feels obsolete before it even has been introduced, after all, it will just be the same thing as always, monsters with high defense and high HP that hit for no damage while players will recover 5-15k HP every 2 seconds with Balinta set, featuring over 300k HP.
It’s just hunting vaivoras and new materials there for hours, and then that becomes obsolete once you got your vaivoras done and will be forsaken when the episode 14 or 14-2 is released.

If there was at least a way to salvage old items into pseudo-vaivoras, you could have fun trying out lots of combinations,but right now I don’t feel the game anymore, the treadmill became ridiculous, the balancing is weird and without consistence and the forward-back is strange, was it because of player backlash or because of actual rethinking of the plans?

Uninstalled for now, I feel I’ll be wasting my time playing any further when the future is this insecure and there is nothing in the new roadmap (except maybe the “treasure hunt” in the fields) that piques my interest.
The game was great in 2016-2017 when there was slow progression and the world felt alive, but now it’s simply dead, repeating the same content daily and the most fun is only Challenge mode is a sign that the game has nothing more to offer.
I’m already skeptical that the game will survive 2022 at this rate, but it doesn’t concern me that much, maybe someone will leak the data like for RO and some programmers will bring back the old game via private server,aside of that I have no hope for an improvement.