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Falcon Pre Emptive Strike

Hello, just asking about the skill Pre Emptive Strike … is it RNG? how does it proc? and the next skill?

I only took pheasant since I want to make the mobs knocked down more though I’m curious if I take Sonic Strike … what is the rotation for the skills? is it random or a set fix rotation? Pheasant > Soinc Stike > and so on or random …

Also, the CD for each procs? does it stay with the actual skills cooldown? or Pre emptive has a set cooldown? O.O

pre emtive still casting sonic strike regardless put point or not, Pre emtive strike test

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I see, never did I notice it doing the other one … thanks for pointing it out … might as well invest on it as added DPS …

The buff explicitely states that the bird will only use sonic strike when you click on the little icon, so I guess the tooltip is incorrect. Useful for CM only.