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Expand Mercenary Missions to Orsha and Fedimian

We all love to do our mercenary mission in Klaipeda twice every day for silver or attribute points, but this type of content hasn’t been updated in a long time, so I would expand it to Orsha and Fedimian with different tasks and special rewards, so we have 6 mercenary missions every day.

  • Fedimian (Mon-Thu): Successfully finish a level 5 challenge mode according to your level in a different map every day!
    Special reward: 2x silver and 2x drops from only these challenge modes.

  • Fedimian (Fri-Sun): Collect Level 1 & Level 2 Hethran Badges for 10 minutes in the mentioned map and turn them into Mercenary Badges!
    Special reward: Heathran Badge drop rate 2x and increased conversion rate Hethran Badges > Mercenary Badges

  • Orsha (Mon-Thu): Go to the mentioned Hunting Grounds map and kill monsters for 10 minutes! Special reward: 2x drops for 10 minutes in the Hunting Grounds map.

  • Orsha (Fri-Sun): Finish a different raid dungeon every day for 2x the usual rewards!
    Special reward: Unwanted spirit fragments only from these mercenary missions can be changed into 5 mercenary points each. Does not apply to spirit fragments received from the gambling game at the end of raid dunegons.

Both activities connected to the mercenary missions should not consume challenge portal scrolls or raid portal stones and not count towards any of your daily limits in order to encourage new players to actually keep doing them and get them familiar with these systems.

The mercenary mission in Klaipeda should also be buffed to give the following rewards upon completion of the second mercenary mission each day. Mon-Thu: 2 x Silver reward / Fri-Sun: 1 x 10.000 Attribute Points

Doing these missions, including the one from Klaipeda, should reward you with 5 Mercenary Points each, so you can get 60 points each day and 420 points per week for the following rewards:

310-420 Points: All of the below mentioned rewards combined
250-300 Points: Silver Chest: 1,000,000 (1x)
190-240 Points: Goddess Blessed Gem (3x)
130-180 Points: Attribute Points 10,000 Ticket (5x)
70-120 Points: Goddess Blessed Gem (1x)
60 Points: Blessed Shard (5x)

Hello @rivayir,

Thank you for the suggestions, we will forward this to the development team for them to review and see what changes can be done in the future.