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Exchange Shop Reorganization

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Exchange Shop Reorganization’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

Hello , this is unacceptable , I saved a lot of medals buying with silvers / and opening some goddess cube to buy upcoming costume with medals like wings (it cost 5000 badges), and now it will no longer be possible to do it , Can you please re-open a shop of every past content please or refund ?

Medals are currently TP related items
therefore, you do not have the right to change their functionality overnight you are obliged to give a time limit for the use of their previous functions like
the past costumes/wings

Medals in recent months guaranteed a rare costume once you had 5,000 medals, inclueding items with 0.05% drop chance
it must have motivated people to buy goddess cubes

some items have writen ¨can be change for medals in exchange shop¨ but for real don´t let u change.

This is a ridiculously greedy update and it’s going to get even worse.
This is basically buying items with TP with extra gambling steps.

Before, we knew what we were buying in a package in a TP shop, now it’s a gamble in the shape of goddess cubes (are they really cubes though?) whether or not we get a small valued costume, or a slightly bigger valued costume. To then exchange to useful items that sometimes cost juuuuust 2 coins away from a costume’s value.

And it’s not like we can buy those costumes from the marketplace relatively easily since they cut a huge chunk of silver from CM (■■■■ maps/mobs and doesn’t contribute to daily repu) and DS.
Put up a new Hunting Ground where mobs actually drops silver (in a pitiful rate), but also has an entrance fee with a time limited buff! And if you want to extend that buff inside, gotta pay twice the amount!

They broke silver because they don’t want to deal with bots (that indirectly makes them money), and so now they wring it harder from the playerbase. And so we get this devilish update.

Saviors! Start Swiping!

I mean its a reliable way for F2P players to get stuff like equipment exchange tomes to duplicate their gear without waiting months for Vaivora coins.

Some of the stuff (i.e. Boruta Seal) are overpriced but the increased access to items benefits whales and free players alike.

increased access to items benefits whales and free players alike.

Oh I totally agree with this wholeheartedly. Especially the content category, which I’d love to buy for days.
Reliable? Agreed there too. It’s always there in the shop.

But for free players, it’s still very unfriendly. Again with the silver changes, free players must still wait and grind much more until they get to a comfortable state.
The game is heading towards spending money even more now than ever.

ayy, with this change some sleeping whales got Lvl3 Sets and Lvl4 Vaivo Sets on this day.
I don’t like this change especially that you can not buy the current Costumes with Medals anymore.
Some people also might feel forced to spend some money even they not want to because the Items in the TP Exchange Shop are toooo good.

But to add something, its still a shame dat something like Gumiho Tails or Giltine’s Wings worth 30 Medals for exchange still is and this actually count for every Effect and Wing from 2016 till now.
While you had to pay 5000Medals for Wing/Effect. but hey. greed will never end.