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Everything in this game is limited!

I don’t understand why EVERYTHING in this game is limited. Limited CM, Singularity, Dimmensional, DG, limited mercenary badges, we can’t farm silver.

They want me to play the game or not?

Edit: the only thing that is not limited is how much TP one can spend


From a business standpoint, they just want your wallet. KEK


They clearly stated in some of the developer’s blog that they want to have player’s that play all day to not have an advantage over players that play a little. That’s why they removed e.g. silver drops from the field and put everything that’s worth getting into limited content.

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…unless you buy leticia cubes and such, in which case having an advantage is fine, as they do contain those vouchers among all the things.

So it’s just a convenient excuse, and nothing else.


Of course they want paying customer to have an advantage over those that play a lot. That’s not in conflict with what they said.

I want to play free on my weekends, but for example, 10 min per cm = 70 min/day, dg you end pratically insta…

Obviously I can do the raids, but I’m not strong enough to do so, and I don’t have any ways of farming my way through…

Each CM gives 1.2m~1.4m
Each Pamoka costs 1m in the NPC, how in the heavens am I supposed to save money to buy better stuff?

If they did those changes in order to regulate the economy, then it conflicts quite a bit. Silvers obtained by farming or by a ton of singularities found in gacha cubes are still the same thing - silvers.
And those singularities even give far more silver/hr that farming ever did, anyway.
So no, if we take their own words, what they’re doing doesn’t make any sense.
What makes sense instead is that they wanted a convenient excuse to remove free silver farming in order to push people further onto gacha cubes since there aren’t other avenues to farm silvers anymore beside the badges challenge resets, and lo and behold, the changes done magically make sense now.
Especially considering that we never even got the 10 CM resets kToS had from the get-go - we have half of those instead.

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I bought Leticia Cubes, that’s not my point. The point is that you can’t just play whenever you want, because every single thing is limited, I do accept that people who buy TP have some advantages, but I also think that there should be some content to be done at will

I’m so glad they limit some contents right now.

It is too tedious to keep repeating things over and over again (thus I questioned the sanity of those alt-making multiple accounts doing CM for a full day).

But somehow I kinda disappointed for that timed CM reset on mercenary badge shop soon. Some people like to stack up the reset so they can spend time doing it on weekends when they have free time.

Also if you’re wondering how to get silver, here’s the thing.

Get lucky.

This game rewards lucky players too much. There is no pity reward or something like that for players who have been doing CM continuously but never getting any Vaivora to sell. I just hope they consider pity reward after they are done with rebalancing classes and minimalize RMT.

But in the other hand, somehow they did implement pity reward on Fedimian Ballot and Demon’s Temptation gacha. Gotta say, it’s somehow convenient.

Thanks will follow the advise, from now on, this player is the luckiest.

If you don’t like doing things repetitively, why do you like things how they are now? There are no more open map grinding or anything, only instances

dude is this your first mmo?

Not really, been here for 15 years already

Ouch, 15 years.

Your account lifespan is only 1 month sir, try again next time probably around 1 year from now about how ToS now xD.

I’ve been here since closed beta and I can say, this game somewhat becomes slowly better than it was used to. Good luck competing DPK for making your end gear pre Re:Build sir. Good luck trying your best getting those practoniums from a damn gacha box from quest that you can only gain once per character.

I can understand why some things are limited, like singularity, challenge mode, solo bosses etc.
Imagine if you could do it endlessly …
It wouldn’t make sense because everybody would do this all day long.
And even it having restrictions, a lot of events bring resets for CM - which is less overpowered than singularity, for example.
And now you can earn as a reward singularity and sole hunt resets.
I cannot complain about this because I love grouping up with parties with my healer and do all these stuffs.

The only problem I really see is class limitations. I hate having to go priest/oracle/diev specifically to almost every content because these classes are a “must have”. I mean wtf?

We have nice arts for paladin, plague doctor, kabbalist but if you don’t have the fuc*ng oracle/diev … you’re out of the party.
I’m saying about support classes but I could spend all day long speaking about how problematic and limiting this is but you got me.

What I’m saying is: yes, we have limited contents, we have limited farming, but the worst thing imo is the fuc*king limited class we can pick atm.


then you learn nothing from your 15 years exp
or probably you just try new game, leveling 1 or 2 levels, and hop on to another game
we wont miss you bye

I don’t know why claming to be an oldfag makes an opinion better, but I’ve started playing tos on closed beta also, just had to remake my forum account when I came back to the game

I think the class limitation mainly comes from the endgame content being too hard. For example Singu5 parties fail more often without Priest/Oracle/Diev, that’s why nobody takes you unless you have this particular meta build. If Singu5 was easier, so any class combination could do it then players wouldn’t be so critical about who to pick.

But that’s a whole different topic altogether.

Content limitation isn’t so bad in this game, I already have accumulated 100 CM resets because I simply don’t have time to do 6 CM every day.

But I wish there was some purpose to the open world.

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But you can exchange 3 CM resets to 1 Singu, which takes 5 min to do… So

I could do that, but it’s impossible to find a party for it without meta build. Nobody wants to do Singu3 or Singu4 either.

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