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Event: Three is the Magic Number Event Bug

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) :
10/8/2019 ~ 10/9/2019 (ongoing)
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Bug Description :
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Went to event NPC in Klaipeda yesterday, accepted the “Complete Level Dungeon 3 Times” goal. Completed three dungeons on various characters, but no completion recognition. Today, around 9 pm server time, I ran dungeons of different levels (330 and 50). None of these dungeon runs counted for the event. I continued to run dungeons on other characters. (Behind on event by 2 days now)

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Take the “Complete Level Dungeon 3 Times” goal by talking to “Resolutions Helper” NPC
  2. Complete a level dungeon 3 times
  3. Talk to “Resolutions Helper” NPC to check completion
  4. No recognition given for completing dungeons

Game Control Mode (Keyboard/Joypad/Mouse) :
Joypad and Keyboard

  • Country, Region : NA

Had this issue myself, and reported it here: Three Is The Magic Number Event is not registering completion

Are you staying inside dungeon long enough after killing the boss? I had the issue myself, turns out it count the task completion several seconds after giving out the coins. You should get a message on the upper part of the screen saying “You completed the daily task X times today”.


Yesterday I did 2x CM stage 5, first time I got the “completed daily task for the 2nd time” (it was my second day doing this), second time I got “completed daily task for the 3rd time”, although I thought it only counted once per day.

For some reason, the runs started getting counting today.

Don’t press leave too soon.

Yeah, some of my runs I was in there until it auto-kicked me from the dungeon. It was just straight-up not working most of the time.