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[Event] Road to spring : Too much reward?


Today road to spring have opened and the fact of having 5 cubes per character seems huge to me, is that wanted on the part of the developers?

1m30/run : 5 cubes
Switch char and do the same again and again ?

So it’s intended ?

EDIT : ok someone said you don’t need to switch char to earn x5 cubes so unlimited runs , even more broken…

EDIT 2 : Well since it’s broken, i’ll wait for answer. don’t do anymore.

Last EDIT : seems intended, so we can farm on each char we have. Happy farming !

The the items inside are bound to have wildly varying chances of showing up. At least, I’ve yet to see any RNG consumable where all of the items inside have equal rolls. You can almost certainly expect to get Goddess Sculptures and Miracle Seeds most of the time.

EDIT: Don’t forget just how many Goddess Sculptures and Miracles Seeds we’ve been getting over the past couple of months.

EDIT 2: I guess it really is broken.

Unlimited Run for 1 Char,
when in event page it says “once per day per char”.
So players can stack unlimited attrbute points if Abused!!


btw 5 cubes per day per char is not too much…lol most of it are seeds and stautes , only worth is attribute points 1000 . which may possibly have lower chance roll

Are we getting a mass ban again?

:smiley: :hammer:

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Wait dude. When we said IMC don’t play their game .

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maybe out of curiosity i just went to try it if i could enter agian and you could lol … are they gona do the mass ban thingy again? xD

Iwant to be baaan. i waant to bee freee

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edit: requote after re-reading and inspection

Does it’s a trap or is it works as intended?

:rofl: :joy: lol its a trap indeed

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Can we get 20 000 coin reward after ban plz ?


STEP 3 works fine, can only get petal once a day.
STEP 1 is the problem

They had one job! Can’t even input the correct number!





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Soon Brothaa, Soon
second wave incoming…
brace yourself