"Event Ideas from the Community" Thread


For a while I’ve notice a handful of negative reaction every time a new event rolls in on the game whether they are not satisfied with the event’s mechanic, its too hard, too annoying, or to simple. But never bother to suggest a fix to the event or come up with a good one.

That is why I want to make a Thread that focus on Community made Events that the GM can use once in a while.

I have a few event ideas I’d like to share and those who has Ideas or Knows how to improve some of the event ideas here, please feel free to chime in your suggestions.

A Whack-a-mole Event

I have a few more Ideas I will be posting later.

Note: I think there are a lot of untapped potential from other cultures local games or pass times that would be fun to play as an in game event it just need to be implemented and be recognize to have potential by the game developers.

I’m rambling so I’ll leave it at that. I will try to post more Event Ideas later after I eat lunch. Hope to also hear some of your Ideas! :star_struck:


This actually sounds like a really fun event
Way better than just talking to a NPC and getting buffs or destroying tree roots for mvspeed


Here’s another Idea.
A Bullfighting Event.



Remember that water slide on Kuru Jungle?
What if while you were sliding you’ll have to remember how many monster (say a Hanaming) you saw.
If you answer correctly you win and if you don’t you have to try again.
Each time you slide, different number of monster will appear and the location of monsters will be random.

Screenshot taken from NaowutPlays video.


My internet is unstable right now so I can’t physically play TOS. :sob: So I decided to create another Event Suggestion. This time I took inspiration from Christmas bingo but since Christmas is already over, I changed it into a :tada:New Year event:tada: (This can also be applied to next years Christmas if so desired by the Staffs).

PS: There is no auto correct on Photoshop so please don’t kill me with my Spelling errors. :scream:


Here are some Challenges I have come up with divided by their level of difficulty.
(May subject to change by the Staff if deemed too easy or too hard. )

Easy 12 Challenges

  • Fish successfully 100x
  • Defeat 100 monsters no less than 20 levels lower than you (in Field or . CM Monster don’t apply)
  • Defeat 50 Uniqie Monster (in Field. CM Monster don’t apply)
  • Travel using Goddess Statue 50x
  • Consume 50 Red potion
  • Consume 50 Blue Potion

Moderate 8 Challenges

  • Clear a Dungeon 30x
  • Clear Unique Raid 10x
  • Clear Velcoffer Raid 4x

Hard 5 Challenges

  • Enhance an item until +15 (People will most likely react against this… :rofl: )
  • Reach Stage 7 on Challenge Mode
  • Defeat 1 World Boss Monster

If you have any suggestion to improve this event or any suggestion for the Challenges feel free to comment them down below. :wink:


When Poposhop is back:

  • Small Event things to get extra PP
  • once per day per team


  • 1st boss kill of the day: xy points
  • 1st instance dungeon clear of the day: xy points
  • 1st CM clear of the day: xy points
  • 1st cube open of the day: xy points
  • 1st anvil use of the day: xy points

and more, similar things. nothing big

‘xy points’ being like 20 or 50 or something. It’ll add up to some nice extra PP


Giltine’s Team Clash was a fun event. Easy rules, “Balance-ish” system, and great Participation Reward. And I applaud them for this. :clap::clap:

But it also does come with some hiccups and here are I think what they should improve on this type of event.

  • Placement on team is a little bit unbalanced.
    Blue team which is placed at the lower part of Klaipeda gets the short straw as they are a little bit more farther from the center of the map than the Red Team. If you are on the Blue Team, to get to the center of the Map you need to first run left or right, go up the stairs, run to the right, go up a stairs again, and then you reach the center whiles Red team just need to run down and they’ll arrived at the center of the map. This puts Blue Team in an immediate disadvantage.
    It might have been better for them to have decided the map from Left to Right instead of Up and Down.

  • Rewards
    It’s great that you only need to participate in order to get the “main” reward, but this also encourage afk-ing. This concept is great don’t get me wrong since it eliminates people rage quiting if they loose to a PVP type event and didn’t get the reward for it.
    The problem lies on the “Winning Prize” of [Re:Build] Commemoration Coin x50 I think its not enough of a reward to encourage people to participate in the event since 50 Re:Build Coin can be easily obtained from other means. If a certain Team starts to loose people will stop playing and let the other Team win or worst, People just enter the Event and AFK to get the Participation Reward.
    Suggestion on improving this is: Why not give better reward if you get more points. Say… if you get 50pts then you’ll receive 500 Attribute Points, get 100pts and receive Premium Awakening Stone… and so on until 500pts = Additional Giltine Box. With this people will try to at least aim to get a higher score even when their team is loosing.

That’s all I can say about this event. It’s a good and fun event overall. And hope they consider my suggestion if they ever make this event again.

How about you? Do you want to see events like this again?

  • Yes
  • No

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My suggestion for an event.

Gear Grind Week


Ahhh yes. The ever so popular Poke*on event. Let’s discuss it’s pros and cons shall we?

First of all the biggest thing that they have improved of this event is the coin entry system. As you can collect all the coin and just enter near the end of the event where you have leveled up your monster to it’s maximum level (hopufully…more on this later.)

But some of us knows that this type of entry system could go wrong. Like what happened last Monster Tamer event.

But I digress. I’m hoping they have fix this “minor” issue.

As for the reward its quite good. Asio and Wastrel recipe selection box.

But here comes what I think turn most people away from this event.
The Leveling of your Tamed Monsters.
Let start first from what we know.

  • You can Tame up to 3 monster

  • You can level them up to Lv300 with the use of Monster Energy™ Orb

  • You can get Monster Energy™ Orb by defeating monster not less then 20 levels below yours.

  • From Lv 1 to Lv 4, each level-up consumes Monster Energy x1. Starting from Lv 5 and in groups of 5 levels, every level-up consumes an additional +1 Monster Energy.

    So from Lv 5 to Lv 9, each level-up consumes Monster Energy x2; from Lv 10 to Lv 14, each level-up consumes Monster Energy x3, and so on.

With that lets take 1 of your tamed monster and lets level it up to 300 shall we…
From level 1 to 4 you will only need 4 Energy Orb… good so far… 5 to 9 you will need 2 orb per level so that’s 5 levels * 2 = 10. 4+10=14… ok… still good… 10 to 14 you need 3 per level so 5 * 3 = 15. 14+15=29… lets fast forward a bit using google sheet and lets see how many or you will need to reach Lv100

Now Lets do the same to Lv200 and 300

So as you can see you need about 9211 to level your monster to Lv300. and That’s just on 1 monster.

Now I tried to do an experiment as to how many MEO I can get in an hour. (of course build, level and gears may have different result) but using my Sorc. I was able to get about 109 MEO in an hour.
With that Lets divide 9211 to 109 and we’ll get roughly 84.5… 84.5 hour of farming just to max the level of one…ONE monster. let that sink in for a moment.

Ok… say an average player only farms casually about 1 to 2 hours a day (removing the hours he played running dungeons, saalus cm and other stuff)
you would still need roughly 42 days to max out one… ONE monster.

THIS IS PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE! AND YOU EXPECT US TO LEVEL 3??? THREE!!! MONSTERS??? unless they are implying that we should all bot I don’t know why even make leveling your monster this hard. Yes I know you can get MEO by running CM but you can only get more or less 100 orb in a 7 stage run (in a party).

Yes I have not tried to solo CM yet and see if getting MEO fairs well in CM. I might try later and post here my finds.

So what can we do to make this event better.
Just increase the drop rate of the Orb. or why not this…Make a special box you can get from fishing where there is a chance to get 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000 orbs. If you want people to be in game for longer time I think that is one way to entice them.

It’s a good event with good and fun mechanics but I feel like it’s being hindered by how hard the leveling system is. With that I hope that the devs. and GMs read this and improved the event when it comes again.