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"Event Ideas from the Community" Thread


For a while I’ve notice a handful of negative reaction every time a new event rolls in on the game whether they are not satisfied with the event’s mechanic, its too hard, too annoying, or to simple. But never bother to suggest a fix to the event or come up with a good one.

That is why I want to make a Thread that focus on Community made Events that the GM can use once in a while.

I have a few event ideas I’d like to share and those who has Ideas or Knows how to improve some of the event ideas here, please feel free to chime in your suggestions.

A Whack-a-mole Event

I have a few more Ideas I will be posting later.

Note: I think there are a lot of untapped potential from other cultures local games or pass times that would be fun to play as an in game event it just need to be implemented and be recognize to have potential by the game developers.

I’m rambling so I’ll leave it at that. I will try to post more Event Ideas later after I eat lunch. Hope to also hear some of your Ideas! :star_struck:


This actually sounds like a really fun event
Way better than just talking to a NPC and getting buffs or destroying tree roots for mvspeed


Here’s another Idea.
A Bullfighting Event.



Remember that water slide on Kuru Jungle?
What if while you were sliding you’ll have to remember how many monster (say a Hanaming) you saw.
If you answer correctly you win and if you don’t you have to try again.
Each time you slide, different number of monster will appear and the location of monsters will be random.

Screenshot taken from NaowutPlays video.