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Event Coins (TOS and 5th Anniversary) reset at around 2AM SGT

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone): 03/10/2021 around 2:00 AM SGT

Server Name: Telsiai

Team Name: Too many to mention but not all people experienced it.

Bug Description :
We can get coins again even though it’s not yet 6AM EST (as indicated on the event tracker window).

Steps to reproduce the issue :
No idea, I was just playing and then I noticed that I was getting coins again so early.

Screenshots / Video :
(attach screenshots or videos regarding the bug)

In this image I’ve already spent 1000 coins to reroll a VVR, but I still have another 1000 coins in my inventory (freshly farmed).

Note: Do what you have to do to fix this, just don’t penalize the players who got affected by it.

i also got this problem after i finish my assister dungeon, around 01.50pm server time
all my daily and login time count is reset

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IMC? Hello? This might be related but my Daily Reputation Quests also reset.


Note: I did all of those already before the maintenance on 03/9/2021 occurred.

Wew. I was so afraid that it might be the sign the world might be ending today because the update was happening so smoothly. This is against the rule of universe.

Now im relieved to know that everything is still in order.


Hello Savior,

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

We’ll be sure to forward this report to the proper department for review. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding while this is on going.

I’d like to add that on my other account, I did an Arts Reset and all of a sudden the Event also reset. I’m uncertain if this was just a coincidence though but I recall that’s the only recent action I’ve done on it (since it was just AFK-ing).


This one already reached 600 minutes, I’m 100% certain of it.

Another year, another new year event bug…

2020 NY event flashback image

I came back to ToS last May of 2020, what happened during that year’s NY event?

BUG Event Coin since done Maintance and reset cm time TL;DR telsiai got thanos’s snapped, almost 90% banned

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IIRC, you already saw i linked this topic once in Nov/Oct last year.
but in case you didn’t have time to read back then, or just simply forgot. here we go again:

Ah ■■■■, here we go again

But heck yeah, it only took a thanos snap for imc to realize how important the issue was and finally fixed some of it :tired:

The link is a good read.


Ok jeez, no need to be antsy about it. My bad, I will never ask you for anything again. I don’t even have a post there and it’s the first time I’m seeing it, so yeah.

@7aniki thanks :slight_smile:

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no no no no, i didn’t to be mean like that, i just assuming things around on my own.
sorry to make you feels bad, it’s totally my fault. not yours


In our case, the reset happened at about 5PM SVT, which should be an hour before the usual reset. We were in the middle of doing daily reputation quest in Woods of Linked Bridges so we’re already done with Lemprasa when it suddenly reset and suddenly opened Lemprasa again. We basically missed a day for our reputation quest which is a bummer because we need to level up the shop we need ASAP.

I love tuesdays because i know new features are coming <3
I have a similar problem btw

Apology accepted, I guess that’s just how written text is prone to being misunderstood. No harm no foul.

On topic though, it looks like there haven’t been any issues since then and IMC might have manually blocked my event from resetting at the intended time so as not to give me a head start.

We’re all good here I think.