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BUG Event Coin since done Maintance and reset cm time

  • Go Queue Saalus / Dungeon Level
  • Wait inside saalus 1 min / more after you got coin 500, go outside / move to your lodge
  • Outside saalus, wait 2 min, then got 500 coin
  • Queue Saalus / Dungeon Level again

Do repeart until got many coin

That like
500 1st Login
500 Queue
500 Bug after queue count as 1st login
500 Queue again
Can start queue after done CM Reset time
And will be fix after Dungeon reset time

Will be Banned ?

Dunno why player got banned because of this. better they make rollback server, and im just curious, why they do so fast Maintance before, and not test server 1st before work done ?

Well if got permanent banned, bye-bye all newbe that i help on telsiai, and my friend that still active at that server.


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Newbie that dunno their sin and got banned :

I taught they already fix it since there already did a massive ban.

they decide to thanos finger snap massive ban instead of halting the login bonus and sorting out later lulw

Well IMC just give punishment text

They not give more info about

That BUG gone or not

Not tell new player what they must do to avoid this bug

Even they not input what time that bug Will come

They lack of information

I must send ticket ?

I tired bro, this is my final massage at this forum i think

If u think i post this because rage quit

Its up to you…


so, as long as you aren’t AFK for 1 minute, the bug wont get triggered?

isnt about afk…
if u Queue = u got coin
if u enter alone = not get coin
dunno if enter now with party

oh, i only use enter now button, no wonder i dont find any bug yesterday

keep doing that if you not want got banned

TBL & Gem Feud count got coin cuz that merge from all player become 1
same method like Queue / Auto Match

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It not triggered by AFK.

It triggered because you got transfer to a cross-server channel. Where time is setted as NA server.
And when you get back to normal channel. You just jumped 10-13 hours through time so the server “think” you wasn’t login today, because it was “yesterday” when you’re at the cross-server.

Basically this was a very old bug that happened all the time, if someone used the whisper chat regular will noticed.

And they were too lazy to fix it.

How hard to fix a clock to it right time zone?

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Oh, so this bug only happen in Telsiai? RIP

This is the second time were timezones end up with players. I feel bad for you guys.

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it is crystal clear now what to avoid

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