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[Event] Blessed Seed disappears

So basically they disappear once you log out.
I just lost 10 of them due to that and it s not written anywhere that this happens.

oh yes: i just logged to my alt for like 15-20 minutes not that someone thinks i went away for 2hs+

Hello @hansgunterscharbeutz, please send us a support ticket with the details of your concern.

Just to make you aware, there’s map reset when nobody is on the map, so all the seeds will disappear then.

However, today IMC changed the event that you can harvest the plants 1 minute after planting them, so there’s no longer a reason to leave the map in between.

Be aware that the seeds also expire after 1 hour now instead of 2 hours. So better harvest them right away.

lol they never fix nothing my seeds desapear too i plant 1:00 pm and 2:00 desapear, i have two pamokas bugged i wait for 1 month they dont fixed because need video no photo, i better throw it. do yourself a favor dont say you’re going to fix it

It’s normal that they disappear after one hour. You need to harvest them before that. See updated patch notes and known issue list.

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