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[EU - Fedimian] :tired: WhitePopolion


WhitePopolion is recruiting new fellas. We don’t care if your’re casual or hardcore, newbie or veteran. Just leave a reply or whisper us ingame. Take part in our guild raids, doing dailies (ET, Saalus, etc.), discord chatter, and much more. Join us and live the way of a true WhitePopolion! :haha:

Guild Mentality / Guidline

We’re all individuals who wants to enjoy the game to the fullest and to accomplish this goal we founded a guild. In the meantime, some members of the guild saw it as their responsibility to take action and organise groups, regular activities, events to enjoy the game even more as a guild. However I still want to point out that: Nobody in the guild is obliged to participate in the guild events nor is he forced to sacrifice his items for the greater good. This words will remain for the future of our guild.

History / Chronic

The old farts in our guild started off in a different guild shortly after the lunch. Where the guild master went inactive for over two month. During this time JAPI, the founder of our WhitePopolion, sacrificed himself to create a Templar so we could properly act as a guild.
Shortly after the foundation I, Rambius, went for a long break so i missed a big part.
When i came back to the game in the mid R8 period, JAPI surpassed his leadership to Moge-ko, and haven’t logged in after that. Moge-ko pushed WhitePopolion to a pretty high level. She invited quite a bunch of people and fulfilled his guild master duty to his peak. But how times goes, Moge had to admit the monotonous end game content and went into a break. However somebody had to take care of the guild in his absent, so Fenatte descent for the next guild master generation of WhitePopolion.
A few month passed during the legislation of Master Fenatte and the R9 update went life. We got new faces to stare at and a few we’ll never see again, unfortunately. However, Fenatte vanished due to the Tree of Sadistics and the tyranny of Spyroox rose. He keeps up the chores and good work of the resigned guild master.
However, sombody is slowing spinning their threads within the guild. He is the guy that’s friendly to everyone. But lurks in the shadows with his black fedora and trusty marnox pulling the strings of WhitePopolion.
All whilst maintaning the popocracy mask alive and graciously covering the truth from outsiders and also from some of the lower ranked members.
The puppetmaster cut his strings and let his little Tyrann run wild. Nothing could now restrain the desires of him. The Slavery become huge. He filled his own ego with luxeries beyond the wealth of our precious guild. The udder run dry. The now known Whale deserted us like a prostitute in the Dark Ages her stillborn child.
The depression begun. The guild is falling apart, or should we rather say it already felt. Popolions barely survived this rampage. All responsible officers abondened them to their fate. WhitePopolion is just a shadow of it’s former self, a hallow husk of dreams and hopes, like a glorious dragon tainted by the Shadowfell. It’s ShadePopolion now.
However a brave and strong Popolion will come, gathering the remains and fragments of something lost. Untill then we will wait for a new dawn to break that let us feel a fresh breeze.

An traveler rumbled upon some relic on his journey through the post apocalpse. It looks kind of depressing :tired: . The traveler seems puzzled what this could mean and put it in his bag. After he returned to his camp he started to clean off the dust and dirt. As it got cleaner he couldn’t believe it. This was the leftovers of the so know WhitePopolion! “I knew it all along! They are still alive! Just a few repairments and more maintaing and we could make it great again!”
[… current …]


  • Enjoying the game together as a guild and community
  • Regular Guild Raids
  • Regular Earth Tower and Raid runs
  • Regular Group Activities (Albums, Badges, etc.)
  • Regular Guild Wars
  • a active Guild (15+ per day)
  • a active Discord Server
  • be a organisation (Joke)

Current Situation

Our current state is the demand of active player.
Aftert we lost the core of our guild and need to build up from scratch.


Due to our current situation, I recommend to leave a message in this thread, or just try to apply via the new guild promotion option.

[Last Edit: 22.Jul.2018]


TFW you ask Fen for invite in discord and gets refused =.=




My apologies, but our discord server is only reserved for our current or former guild members.


:tired: Welcome White popo


RIP me. Now Ican’t get an inside look of legendary whitepopo :tired:


WhitePopolion is still searching for new members on Fedimian!


The best friendly community You can ever find!! Than You!! Popolion One Love


Do you accept New player to join the guild?
my Team Name is CraveGUNz


Of course, anybody is welcomed if he can fit himself into our guild mentality.
It doesn’t matter matter if you’re new to the game or already a veteran, as long as you’d like to enjoy the game with some folks. :smile:

Edit: I whispered you ingame. You can also try to contact any other of our guild to get invited.



I updated our guild promotion. And we’re still recruiting new members!


Team name: xDrHellx
I mostly play archer so far, i try to play everyday (atleast do daily stuff), i’ve been looking for a guild recently though, doing solo stuff (mostly) isn’t that fun.

I’m not max level yet though, i’m 298~.


I know the struggle playing alone x). I’ll try to contact you ingame. By the way, it’s not neccessary to be max level at all after 315 you can do almost everything :wink:


Bump , Join now in our battle against the evil force sent by the Dark Popolion :distinguished:


Good day, ( lol :sweat_smile: )
I would like to join your guild, for I too, am a fan of the adorableness of the popolion.
My team name is rendiana. I’m somewhat new (if you count lv 150 new :smirk:)


I’d like to join. I’m pretty new though.


What’s your ingame nick, so i can invite you. I’m currently online :slight_smile:


Don’t know if you need both but I’m Kiyomi Sinbi


Hi, I’d like to join. I’m a new player.

My nick is Blitzbol.


After a long time WhitePopolion starts recruiting again :happiness: .