Tree of Savior

[EU - Fedimian] :tired: WhitePopolion


I recently started playing but i got totaly immersed in TES, playing with party is much better than alone. My team name: SMOOF



WhitePopolion is still recruiting! Just send an application ingame and we can accept you anytime :smiley:


Hey guys,
I am planning on starting playing ToS and I was wondering if anyone would send me friend invite, with the current event going on, it sounds like a great opportunity.
My steam ID: CryptoTeddy
My email:
I am a pretty active player, well versed in all aspects of MMOrpgs. I also have a headset, so communicating thru discord is not an issue.
Hope to see you in game :slight_smile:


am looking for friendly guild, lvl 60ish returning player. no friends play this game anymore so seeking new ones!
Name: Innuendo


Thanks for your application.
I recommend to send an request via the guild promotion thing (no clue how it works, never used it). Then any WhitePopolion can accept your request :wink:


Can i join the guild? I’m a Newbie.


Of course you can. Just whisper me ingame or apply via the guild promotion :slight_smile: