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[EU] Fedimian - Shade Skirt : Maximum Price only a 4th of actual worth

  1. Server : [EU] Fedimian

  2. Full Name of Item : Shade Skirt

  3. Current Price Range (Minimum / Maximum) : 3116 / 124630

  4. Reason for Suggesting Change :

The Shade Skirt (and probably a few other more new and rarer equipment sets) has a very very low price range when comparing it to the materials needed to craft it.

The item is unobtainable outside of crafting it through its recipe. The recipe is a rare drop from Temple Slave Mage and currently worth about 180k~220k on the Fedimian market, which is understandable.

Then, to craft it, you need 4 Shaman Doll Cotton, another pretty rare drop from Shaman Dolls which is currently worth 75~85k on the Fedimian Market. Again a very understandable price range for a fairly low level, but rare, drop.

Combine the pricing if the materials, and you end up at about 520k cost to craft the skirt.

However, the maximum price limit is a mere 120k! You are losing 400k from crafting this item unless you’re lucky enough to find someone to trade with through Shout.

Using the same range provided by the game, the adjusted minimum/maximum price limit should be more like this:

Minimum 18464 / Maximum 732841

  1. Screenshot of Item on Market (Evidence) :