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Estimating budget for leveling lv 2 to 4 vaivora

credit @greyhiem

and @shanochitos

so Worst Case scenario, we need 70 Transmute potentials
1x transmute cost 5m
70x transmute =350m silver for all server

Telsiai market (2021-03-05) Cheapest price
condensed vaivora transmutor recipe @1000 silver

so 1 condensed vaivora transmutor need
30 transmutor x 170,000= 5,100,000
4 heart of glacia x 1,200,000= 4,800,000
1 moth talc powder x 2,900,000= 2,900,000
30 sierra stone x 150,000 = 4,500,000
5 brikynite x 1,000,000 = 5,000,000
Total: 22,300,000 silver

70 attempt of transmuting, 70 condensed vaivora transmutor
70x 22,300,000= 1,561,000,000 silver (Telsiai)

that excluding 8 vaivora material itself.

ah, someone selling end product cheapest at 36m
that price is 50% more expensive than the cost of crafting itself…

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Just what i need! Also, Necrosis vaivora is still expensive… 400m-700m or so?

So for those who pursue for level 4 PD vaivora… expect to blow somewhere

3.2B - 5.6B for 8x level 1 PD vaivora…

Edited: Level 4 PD Vaivora give +100% Final Damage for Black Death Steam.

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Telsiai’s necrosis

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HOLY smokes. Yeah… level 1 PD for 700m. This is hella grind :sad:

Calculating it like this is really painful with all those numbers.
I’ve got my Lvl4 vvr (Leventador) and I’ve spent less than the figure above.

You should have put “worst case scenario if you’ll buy everything”


You can’t transmute if you don’t have the materials. :distinguished:

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btw iirc dismantle a vaivora now give you 500 transmutator. Multiply with the price of 170k give you 85m if you dismantle a vaivora. Some meh vaivora only sold for around 75m so profit?

you forget bryknite ?

oh right, 5 brikynite, let me update above table. Thanks!

so a lv 4 Vaivora has only the following effects: 130% base stats +32 to all stats + extra effect on lv 4? I think IMC has gone overboard with their recent additions res sacrea and vaivora lv 4 /440 unique armors lv3, most people don’t even have Karaliene yet, let alone ark stage 10.
And then there is the goddess card although most don’t even have a single legend card stage 7+.

Meanwhile old content drops became useless and cannot be exchanged for anything useful (for example content shop points so you can finish these collections), and old collections became even more lackluster to even attempt to complete them.

The whole game is a treadmill farming blessed shards, magic stones, tome pages and glacia hearts&moth talc powder and hope for the appearance of the unicorns called “Arch Stone” not only once but 10 times!!! (including the fragments required to craft lv 3 goddess/demon sets, Karaliene/Lucifieri set and ark), even if one could earn 200m a week just with dailies it would take forever.

I probably won’t have that ever unless I drop 1 or 2 lv 3 vaivoras,it’s just too expensive.


i’m trying upgrade my VV but in Silute is expensive too!!

i want to take advantage of the event to get the golden ichor extractor because in addition to upgrading to 4 you need to extract!!


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Rip tels market… Where every seller’s price are doubled and every buyer’s offer are ultra lowball :joy:

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Still cheaper vs other servers in all regards for the most part.

Glad my BM Clown vvr 4 effect suck/ totally neglectable.
Scout turns out to be a cheaper class in end game considering the insane cost of vvr 4 lol…

BM 30 stack outage -> 40 stack while charging the outrage same speed, big deal…
For clown you don’t even cast fetal for hitting anything, it is only to set up next burst for vvr climax.
I can ignore them safely.

*IMC take a note of players not being tempted by vaivora lv 4 skill, then raise vaivora lv cap to lv 6 which boost 3 important skills of that class simultanously

They will eventually raise it to lv 10, I’m sure of that(unless they abandon vaivora completely).
Just look at ark, it went from stage 5 to 7 and then 10, cards cap at stage 10, transcendence caps at stage 10,gems cap at 10 stars as well.
Oh, and res sacrae gems also cap at 10,forgot to mention them.

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They have really designed themselves into a corner with these vaivoras. I feel like some of the vaivora effects are so impactful that there is truly no way to progress unless they let you tack on the vaivora effect in addition to any new equipment you might obtain.
Vaivora level 4 was the first sign of having no clue how to progress from vaivora itemisation.

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The Vaivora lv 4 and Goddess card(LVL MAX) are endless END-GAME items that require never-ending GRIND or u spend extreme money to try to even make it.
its estimated time to create is like 1YEAR for normal players (ie… till before EP14 releases during Feb-March 2022 with “another” NEW EQUIPMENT SLOT & increased LEVEL-CAP) which even pushes the LIMIT of INFINITE power scaling…xD

u d’ want to get vaivora lv 4 only u if have a Fantasy for BIG NUMBER DAMAGE in WBR(Like 4B…6B…10B…15B…25B…40B Damage and so on…)
or Rank 1-3 in Joint Raid. or you want to compete with whales or PRO players literally gearingup or saving silver for 3+ years.

a WISE WHALE once said “if you’re asking for its Price, u probably CAN’T AFFORD IT!!!”

I am a normal player and it took me 4 weeks to craft the bloody thing.
I am just wondering do people not do raids and save up their resources?
After crafting my first vvr
I still have following
247 Talc powder
134 Heart of Glacia
200 Transmutor
20 Briknyte